What a joke – A ”Real” Casualty Vrs The Hakin Child Crisis Actress In Melbourne

smoke’n mirrors

Another good vid. All those cameras, all that cost. Public CCTC cameras on top of the shop cameras also that we all pay for!

What are they for??? Like Peekay keeps saying, we will NEVER see any footage from any of these cameras and them showing one single person being hit by a car!

Bourke St. CBD Melbourne: Mayor Doyle – Lies & Confessions?

Super well put together video, nice work. Very interesting reading here:

Paul Ryan
The Mayor can not state clearly what day the event took place? Me, thinks this is clear evidence that parts of the event (drill, movie) were filmed on separate days. Also for lunchtime on Friday in Melbourne, how is it that there are hardly any office workers appearing in any of the videos? This is a massive deception and paid for with taxpayers money! The people of Melbourne should be outraged!

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