How anti-immigrant anger threatens to remake the liberal Netherlands

”Xandra Lammers lives on an island in Amsterdam, the back door of her modern and spacious four-bedroom house opening on to a graceful canal where ducks, swans and canoes glide by. The translation business she and her husband run from their home is thriving. The neighbourhood is booming, with luxury homes going up as fast as workers can build them, a quietly efficient tramway to speed residents to work in the world-renowned city centre, and parks, bike paths, art galleries, beaches and cafes all within a short amble.

By outward appearances, Lammers is living the Dutch dream. But in the 60-year-old’s telling, she has been dropped into the middle of a nightmare, one in which Western civilisation is under assault from the Muslim immigrants who have become her neighbours.”

”It was a move up the social ladder that precipitated her shift across the political spectrum.

In 2005, she and her husband bought their home in the Amsterdam neighbourhood of IJburg, an innovative development built on a cluster of artificial islands.”

”Among the beneficiaries of the socialist ideology is one of Lammers’ friends, Ronald Meulendijks, a 44-year-old who has been living on full-time medical disability since he was 29.

The government pays him the equivalent of $1,000 (£818) a month and provides him with a steep discount on a light-filled, three-bedroom apartment in the heart of IJburg – benefits he said he deserves as a native-born Dutchman with a long pedigree.


“My whole family of seven generations paid taxes,” he said.

Immigrants and their children, by contrast, are undeserving, he said.”

”Along the way, Europe’s old assurances have been swept aside.”

”After the jolts of Brexit and Donald Trump last year, continental Europe is bracing for a possible string of paradigm-rattling firsts in its postwar history.

At first glance, the Netherlands – a small nation of 17 million that has long punched above its weight on the global stage through seafaring exploration and trade – seems an unlikely setting for a populist revolt.”

Wilders won 9 seats, the Socialist party who backed up all the time the Moslims is gone 38 seats to 8, the Turks are no emigrants, but are well-organized in different Mafia type of groups, they are Turks, ad will never be a friend of Holland never, they come to conquer, and not in peace, so ?!

Hard cheese
It’s not as simple as that. Mark Rutte of the centre right Peoples Party, veered further right. So it can be claimed he took the ground from underneath Geert Wilders feet, even so, he still gained ground and came second. The centre left labour party was pretty much annihilated, however the greens also did well. Life’s complicated isn’t it.

There is relation between Islam in countries and human rights see

These problems are a product of the extreme left-wing, PC, immigration, deep mistrust of muslims, asylum seekers and the way foreigners are seen to be given preferential treatment to the local population in housing benefits, free schooling, free NHS. At first it was directly affecting the working class particularly in Schooling and NHS. And to be honest no-one really took any notice of the growing discontent moreover many working class people were experiencing and their concerns, afraid to voice their anger or the perceived unfairness against them as they would be seen as racist !! Only when the middle classes started to be affected by asylum seekers and muslins, in addition the rise of UKIP and Golden Dawn, EDL, National Front and Geert in Holland, did middle classes start to question governments. Perhaps out of concern or fear that they have to wait three weeks to see a doctor or their school they send their children to is now using ten different languages. The attacks in London Glasgow Paris Brussels Madrid and jihadists leaving for Syria and Iraq with rise of ISIS has now made them stop and think. Why do we need to expose ourselves to all these issues, no one asked us if we would like to turn our cities into multi cultural and multi national places for us to live. No one asked us to bring refugees asylum seekers or east Europeans here. The elites want it, for cheap labour keeping their costs down and profits up. Leaving the EU and controlling our borders is the only way to stop this insanity

Tolerant, is putting up with something you don’t like.

Therefore perhaps they had enough of putting up with something they didn’t like

The European Establishment (and their liberal hangers-on) have now succeeded in f**ing themselves – and Europe.

As everyone warned them they would.

Ludi Victor
This is a populist struggle.

The definition of populism is: “A political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite”

All power to the populists.

Dave Jones
On 11th September 2001, I was working in Rotterdam, and as the twin towers collapsed it was very evident in the Netherlands that the Moroccan immigrants (not the Turks) were cheering Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Moroccans hadn’t integrated well, if at all. The Netherlands had one huge problem, which bands like Kut Marrokaner (The Indy won’t let me translate that) tried to resolve but AQ and ISIS mae worse. Whilst dislike of north Africans is endemic in France and Belgium (Morte aux Arabes! was a frequent piece of graffiti) I hadn’t appreciated how deep it ran in the Netherlands. The way out, though, is not Geert Wilders.

There are a number of problems that have caused this change.

There is the numbers problem. Once you get above a certain threshold the immigrants do not need to integrate. They can form their own societies. They can take over whole areas and become a majority. In the estate agency world these areas are identified as “having a lot of satellite dishes” as many watch the TV channels from their home countries rather than Dutch TV (which is admittedly not very good). They can bring in family to further increase the numbers. They have more children than the Dutch and the numbers just keep growing. The population of the Netherlands is about 17 million. There are 400,000 to 500,000 Turks, 385,000 Moroccans, 350,000 from Surinam and many, many more from other countries. and most live in their own communities in the bigger cities. The communities then impose their society’s norms. Twenty years ago very few muslim women wore headscarves while today third generation immigrants are wearing headscarves. Most of the immigrants also have two passports and keep close relationships with the “home country” and bring some of the problems of that country to the Netherlands. There have been problems between Turkish and Kurdish immigrants and between Gulanist and anti-Gulanist factions. And Erdogan encourages his supporters to spy on other Turkish immigrants to identify people who are not his supporters. As a result a Dutch journalist of Turkish descent was jailed in Turkey when visiting based upon what she had written in the Netherlands. And several Dutch Turks have said they will not go back to Turkey for fear of being arrested. Another example is where parents at a local school with a large number of immigrant children forced a lesbian teacher to leave.

The lack of integration will be made worse in this election by the emergence of two parties fighting to become representatives of the immigrant communities. The party Denk (Think) is a party mainly set up for Muslims and led by Turkish immigrants. Article 1 is a party set up to counter racism and mainly supported immigrants. Polling shows large proportions of the immigrant population, especially the young, will vote for these parties. The current polling suggests Denk could get 3 seats in the 150 seat parliament.

There is the problem that not only are they not integrating into the Dutch way of life, they try change it. There are regular reports of gay people being attacked by people of immigrant stock. And the recent campaigning against Zwarte Piet (Black Peter), a centuries old tradition that was never seen as racist by the Dutch and much resented by many Dutch people.

Then there is the crime problem. Amsterdam is currently the European murder capital with gangland murders with AK47s and beheadings and most of the crimes are carried out by young men from the immigrant communities. If you watch the Dutch equivalent of Crimewatch, Opsporing Gezocht, for almost every crime the police are looking for a suspect whose skin is “licht getint”, code for Moroccan or Arab.

Finally, there is the fact that none of the mainstream parties would mention the immigration problem before Pim Fortuijn in the early naughties, for fear of being labelled as racist. Fortuijn was assassinated (fortunately by an animal liberation Dutchman and not a muslim) on the eve of an election that his newly formed party went on the win and form part of the government although they disappeared soon afterwards. Fortuijn was a far more acceptable figure than Wilders but his death opened the way for more right-wing candidates like Wilders. Fortuijn was not against muslims. He just wanted them to accept Dutch norms and integrate. His message was that he was expected to accept muslims in the country but, as an openly gay man, he was not accepted by muslims.

Still...the Coudenhove-Kalergi Hucksters in the Political elite and their Soros paymasters refuse to listen and understand: Some of us simply will NOT cooperate on our own Cultural Genocide.

Opening the borders to MILLIONS of unassimilable individuals is NOT something that we will tolerate….why should we? What contribution do they bring (besides being on Taxpayers handouts for the rest of their lives) to our country and culture?

Yes….there are “Refugees Welcome” Self-hating Westerners that don’t care about their culture/race/Country or about how many Rotherham’s there are…..these are Useful Idiots dancing to the Soros tune….But some of us do care.

This is why the EU is a fraud. It could well have worked for everybody if all immigration had been confined to EU workers and their families-from strictly European countries,not Turkey. But The Shengen area resulted in a huge influx of non-EU people. It is a total lie that this cannot be controlled by governments,as much of it is deliberate,an attempt to destroy national identity,and eventually nations,in the creation of an EU superstate. Simply putting Europeans in each others countries,was never going to work,as we all have our own language and identity,which we carry with us. We don’t even need the non-EU migrants,there are millions of young,well-educated people in the EU itself.Very few people know about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan which is still in use today. Apart from the racial genocide,the most sinister part is that the man was a true fascist,who thought that the elite and aristocratic should have total control over the “proletariat”,whose IQs could be effectively reduced by genetic mixing-in his view.

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