‘BORING’ Bob Geldof brands Brexit ‘greatest act of self-harm’ and vows to ‘UNDERMINE’ May

Geldof admitted the EU was “a mess” but maintained it was best for Britain Image BBC Northern Ireland – (Probably an expensive suit Bob but it looks at first glance like it was made out of some potato sacks!)


Msg for Gelford – Instead of trying to make yourself sound intelligent , why not use the ” influence” that you seem to think you have to help the people of Northern Ireland maximise their farming and sell their goods within the UK, as opposed to being undercut by the heavily subsidised French farmers? Or won’t that get you any headlines?

He gives tramps a bad name.

He should go back to Ireland and should stay there.

The first thing he should do is to GET THAT HAIR CUT

The second thing is to SHUT UP

Truth is out there
What a muddled thinking twerp. Says the EU is ‘a mess’ but it’s our children’s future at stake despite 50% youth unemployment. If he’s so worried about our kids future then the best this lazy ‘activist’ could do is campaign against the drug problem that he helps to perpetuate.



If you cannot take care of your kids, DO NOT HAVE ANY !

And you wonder where Irish jokes come from – he’s not a clever ambassador for Ireland, which incidently is a fantastic place

Move on Bob. You got it right in the 80s but you are so off the main issues of today.

The worst decision ever made with regards to this nation is the open door policy to economic migrants pushed by yourself! An unmitigated disaster!
Today, you are still advocating the UK should shoot off any limbs its has left!

I’ll tell that idiot Geldof what takes away the futures of our young; – uncontrolled immigration from Europe and those that use Europe as a freeway from other countries outside of it. Both my niece and cousin are having problems finding jobs that don’t involve zero hours in a jobs market that is awash with EU and other nationals. Geldof needs to shut up and stop embarrassing himself and whatever country he thinks he represents.

Born in Dublin. EU Ref was voted on by the United Kingdom so nothing to do with Eire.
So, no vote for him either.

Alistair Beg
I think it’s the first time I’ve ever agreed with geldorf, he’s right, he bores people to death.

This Irishman could not look after his own wife or Daughter so he should keep his big mouth

Bob will continue to stay in the UK and continue to evade tax, both do undermine the will of the British people. We want him to Leave and we want him to pay his fair share of Tax while he is here.

ENGLAND: The sea looks weary, its greasy waves drag themselves up the beach. The landladies drink tea and plan renovations. In the rock shop, a polish boy checks sell-by dates on sweet pebbles. A daddy-long-legs falls ungainly in the garden of a murderer. ENGLAND.

Yogi Capone
The return of Nation State Democracy and reintroduction of democratically accountable leadership and control of our money, borders and laws by our elected Parliament, as compared to a delusional failed experimental political concept, hijacked by globalist bankers and Cultural Marxist fanatics determined to impose their views, ignoring the economic hardships caused and with an immigration mentality that seems to sympathise with the Coudenhove Kalergi plan. Sorry Bob, like millions I am delighted with the referendum result and an escape from the ‘Brave New World’ project.

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