Some Aussie Truth Seekers Leave Their Computers & Go To The Scene Of A Recent Alleged Event In Melbourne


Published on Mar 15, 2017
Peekay Explains 20th of January from the Young and jackson Hotel
Mirrored from smoke’n mirrors:…

ThErEsTruThInsIde 33
love you guys! you’re all top blokes!!😁

The Cab Driving Hero Crown Witness – Melbourne Car Incident

How does a taxi driver get access to CCTV footage? Jimmy Gaucamole better get a good lawyer son..

The Rockno
I agree, but like I said, I wasn’t there at the time, so I did the next best thing, and sought legal advice. At least we have him on record saying that he has seen CCTV footage that he should really be privy to Thanks for taking an interest though, I’m pretty certain we both/all want the same outcome. cheers

The Rockno
I should add, full kudos to these guys having the balls to even do what they did. It is not easy, and there is a lot to take in while out on the scene/job. See that security guy ther, Lou actually went and got him to come out there, and because this is so big, you don’t know who else is in on their little secret. We all have our “wouldacouldashoulda” moments.

Robbo Max
Brilliant video!
Lou probably wants to barred from being a crown witness. He would get ripped up for arse paper if he repeated his Walter Mitty pish that he said in the 3AW interview.

Irene Davo
How about starting Facebook page called Melbourne Police show us Cctv footage of anyone being run over!

Can we watch some CCTV? – Melbourne Car Incident

Published on Mar 13, 2017
Andrew Burns is a MICA Paramedic. He was supposedly at the Melbourne Car Incident. He Appears in the “Ambo Thankyou” Video (Whatever that is..) Does he seem to use more equipment here in a doco series from ABC called: Keeping Australia Alive – What’s In A Postcode

The Rockno
See how much equipment they carry. Didn’t see that at Bourke Stï»ż

Robbo Max (edited)
Great footage find, mate!
Andrew looks a lot less comfortable and a lot less upbeat compared to the documentary footage.

Is the there a link to the thank you video? It needs truth bombinï»ż

The Rockno

I recommend a bag if you watch it. Beware of the emotive music too ;)ï»ż

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