Ambulance Victoria’s touching video in the wake of the Bourke Street tragedy ”Truth Bombed”

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oz lady

belilu belilu (edited)
1- No paramedics on the scene for nearly 30 mins.
2- People being allowed to walk over the crime scenesssssss.
3- Police (5-6+ of them) standing around while the ‘Attacker’ is acting deranged, breaking the law, doing donuts doing while they stand there watching & doing NOTHING.

4- The attacker clearly motioning to the police (or some authority) as if asking which way he should go next or for his path to be cleared.
5- We’ll just assume, the guy/girl in the blue motioning to the ‘Attacker’ & appearing to be directing him, was just ‘a crazy bum’ & not some unknown character directing him on when to go on the ‘Attack’.

6- All of the police knowing IN ADVANCE & supposedly even looking for a crazed man on the loose, who’d just stabbed his brother, & hours later, they stand there watching him doing donuts, while they DO NOTHING (like shooting at his tyres) to stop him or to somehow trap him or to at least block his path.

7- Several unmarked police cars waiting for the ‘Attacker’ to be done having fun so they could then calmly escort this crazed man on the lose on his path to whatever he may feel like doing next. ‘They didn’t yet know what to do’, you say? ‘It was still fresh & they didn’t yet know what he was gonna do next’, you say? ‘That is why all the videos (of the square) were taken by ordinary people’s phone cams’, you say? Oh, But,….

8- Meanwhile, PROFESSIONAL photographers & videographers (despite the FACT that the ‘Attacker’ had just left the square) are SOMEHOW already hanging off the RIGHT BUILDINGS on the RIGHT STREET, waiting to start snapping & recording away the WOULD-BE ‘ATTACKER’ & his POLICE ESCORTS, as he’s headed towards his WOULD-BE ‘Victims’.

9- 100’s of CCTV cameras / evidence of people getting run over, as always, never released to public. But, dozens of early 2000’s quality, grainy, cell phone cam footage & the occasional security footage showing frantic people getting out of the way, are always released.

I could go on & on….But, if you can’t even swallow that, then just keep on chewing that hay & stay in your barns, where you belong.

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