13 things we learned from the Electoral Commission’s damning probe into Tory election expenses

1. It’s the biggest electoral watchdog fine in history

2. A Tory ‘national team’ WAS helping a local candidate – and this could prove crucial

3. The Tory Treasurer committed two offences…

4. …And he has now been referred to police

5. The battle bus cost more than DOUBLE what was declared…

6. …And DID campaign for local candidates

7. Most of the fine was for three by-elections

8. All this aside, another £100k was left off the paperwork

9. Journalists – not officials – kicked this off

10. The Tories are slammed for delaying the investigation…

11. …And had to be threatened with court action

12. Here are the people who the probe interviewed

  • Lord Stephen Gilbert, who was the Campaigns Director at the Party during the 2015 UKPGE campaign. Lord Gilbert was interviewed instead of another officer who declined on health grounds
  • Alan Mabbutt, who was interviewed in his capacity as Chief Legal Officer of the Party, which he held during 2014-15.
  • Treasurer Simon Day, who was interviewed under caution on behalf of the party
  • Grant Shapps, who was co-chairman of the party at the time
  • The Chief of Staff to Mr Shapps during 2014-15
  • The Director of Roadtrip2015 and Battlebus2015
  • Three volunteers who acted as ‘team leaders’ on the battle bus campaign, one of whom was deemed not to be providing information voluntarily to the investigation.

13. And finally… the Tories knew this was going to break on Monday


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