Philip Hammond U-TURN: Chancellor SCRAPS planned self-employed National Insurance hike

Philip Hammond announces NICs U-turn after Tory backlash

GW:  Theresa May sounded quite shambolic at PMQs today.  Fail to see how she ”destroyed” Corbyn.  ”I-Er-Er-Um-We ”  May stuttered and stammered her way through PMQs and certainly was nervous about that NICS debacle Er-Um-Ah-U Turn-Um-Er-We-Er Etc .  Uninspiring performance.  Theresa May more often than not stammers and stutters demonstrating that she is not in charge of her brief and lacks confidence.  Clothes maketh not the woman Theresa.

Good result for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. NI changes for self employed scrapped.
Mrs May shown up again at PMQ. Good strategy by Corbyn. What is the point of asking questions when the PM never gives an answer?

Troy Tempest
See the ‘Liberal main stream media’ in the form of C4 and Michael Crick, has done UKIP a huge favour in compiling evidence that has led to exposure of potential Conservative Party electoral fraud resulting in police investigations.

I find the braying arrogance of most MPs bad but the Tory’s are particularly sickening.  She knew perfectly well what she was supposed to answer, she was supposed to answer for a poor budget that costs the poorest in our society money, that saves the richest money and that they’re doing u-turns on a week later. Does Corbyn really have to add an inane, “How does the PM explain that?” to the end?

If I stood up in a meeting at work and behaved like this with a smug grin, I’d get a good dressing down. Shamefully, this unelected Prime Minister doesn’t have anyone to give her the dressing down and instead, because Corbyn is public joke number one, she gets applauded and laughed with instead of answering for the budget. Sadly, the people who are continually suffering this Tory government aren’t laughing.


THERESA MAY left the Commons in fits of laughter
I wouldn’t say fits of laughter, more like hysteria. PMQ gets more like a zoo every week. I will give Corbyn his due, he is the only one speaks in a normal voice and with some decorum. Would think he forgot what he was going to ask because of the bedlam going on.

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