‘I don’t understand!’ Marine Le Pen SHAMES Theresa May for ‘SNUB’ ahead of French election


Marine, I really wouldn’t worry too much about this, Theresa can’t stand the fact that you are far better to look at and have brains to match.

Macron has this thing about old women. His wife, his school teacher for christ sake is twenty-five years older than him. He clearly likes to be mothered by matronly old dears like our Theresa (60 years) and his wife Brigitte Trogneux (64 years) probably a domination thing. God help France if he wins but what a hoot if Marine beats him to the top job as our Theresa will have a face like a slapped ar5e on her for weeks, but then again she already has!

Marine – WE don’t understand what our PM is playing at either! Good luck in the election – The British PEOPLE want you to win (even if our so-called politicians don’t!)

May is a creature of the globalisers.

May must have a fetish for eating humble pie …. she did them same with Trump and now with Le Pen. May like many politicians is in denial of the Islam cult and scared of upsetting the Muslim population in Britain.

Forever free
Oh that the Uk had a woman like Le Pen at the helm!!!!
May’s conduct is outrageous

May is a traitor to this country and those that voted leave. She should NEVER have been made PM. A despicable, useless, europhile!

Sadly the May government is showing its europhile tendencies more each day. Allowing Macron to campaign in the UK was offensive, to me. I wouldn’t expect British leaders to go on tour in foreign countries, it’s abuse of taxpayers funds, as they foot the bill. She talks tough but words are cheap and often abandoned. It’s also counter-productive as there are those in France who dislike the UK & will support Le Pen precisely because of May’s position. I suspect leaving the E.U will be contentious for years to come, unless words turn into deeds. But I’m deeply unhappy that the government are being so partisan on this issue, it’s shameful & I won’t be unhappy if it comes back to bite them

Steve 49
So Theresa May cosies up to an extremist socialist whilst refusing to even meet the front runner in the french elections! I am ashamed that this is my government!

I agree,and why can’t we comment on the Torys being investigated for fraud??

Traitor May. Dealing with a globalist and a member of the NWO, he want’s Algiers to be a member of the EU. May should be talking to Le Pen.

You can’t trust May one little bit.

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