UK Column News 14th March 2017

George The Greek Trucker

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update, including:

START Jens Stoltenberg published NATO annual report
06:00 EU extends sanctions on Russia
07:00 Up to 200 additional ground troops enter Syria
09:00 Surveillance Commissioner concerned over ubiquitous big data collection
17:30 Weaponisation of Mindfulness training for school children
30:00 National Citizen Service, Common Purpose for young people, “too expensive”
35:30 People with dementia “detained in care”
38:30 New deputy governor of the Bank of England forced to resign over conflict of interest

gord oland
The NATO usage of the terms “projecting stability” is quite comical when you factor in how NATO ISLAMIST state Turkey regularly violates Greek Naval/AIr space, has a genocidal army in half of Cyprus, is currently committing genocide on Kurds, supports the Uighur uprising and separatists in China, supports Azerbaijani terrorists against Armenia, supports Tartar uprisings in Ukraine, blackmails the EU with refugees, sends troops illegally into Iraq and is supporting it’s own ISIS “rebel” groups which fight both Assad and American backed YPG Kurds! Very Stable!

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