PM cuts lonely figure waiting for Commonwealth Day celebrations to start

”Leave May Alone!””

With all the EU back stabbers and lack of support after the BREXIT vote who needs friends like that. She has the weight on her shoulders to get the UK the best deal. The people wanted a vote, they got it. They wanted changed. We have got change. Everybody has complained for decades that we as a country have lost our identity, instead of just accepting it brave people have made a stand. It will not be easy, sacrifices will have to be made. We have a history of people making far greater sacrifices that allowed us to have the vote. We must learn from the past and work together for a better future.

This is what ‘fence sitting’ has done to her. Had she signed article 50 on taking office she would be surrounded by GOOD POLITICAL LEADERS. Now she has upset all the globalists which pleases me but also upset the freedom fighters who were really looking for a leader. NOW we have found Trump to lead the charge to freedom where May could have shown real leadership. She has failed every political test she has ever faced simply because she is a ‘front’ just exactly like Blair and Cameron. She is weak and NOT a leader in any sense of the word.

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