Charlotte Hogg resigns as Deputy Bank of England Governor after scathing criticism from Treasury Select Committee

Charlotte Hogg

”Earlier this month it emerged that Ms Hogg, who joined the Bank in 2013 as COO, had failed to formally register with the institution that her brother worked at Barclays.

This was in contravention of the Bank’s internal code of conduct, under which such potential conflicts of interest must be noted.

Mr Habgood described this as a “very serious breach” to the TSC.

Ms Hogg comes from a well-connected family in political, corporate and financial circles. Her father is Viscount Hailsham, a former Cabinet minister in the 1990s. Her mother, Baroness Hogg, is a former chair of 3i group and is now a non-executive board member of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Her brother Quintin was, until recently, a Barclays “director in group strategy” with a responsibility for examining regulatory changes affecting the bank.”

GW: Ms Hogg comes from a well connected family – Snort Snort. First it was that porker  Cameron and his pigscapades and now a Hogg is found actually occupying the position of Deputy Governor for Markets and Banking at the BOE!  Tptwtb are not just ”troughing it’ but letting the pigs run the whole show!  All pigs & whistles in UK these days mate that’s for sure!  

What are you talking about NOW GW?  Well ‘piggin’ is (a wooden drinking vessel or ladle) and ‘Wassail’ is the salutation used in toasting a person’s health.

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