Trucking Troubles

Foreign truck drivers clogging up UK lay-bys to dodge hefty EU ’rest fines’

Even better – keep EUbongostonian drivers and trucks off our roads. They can’t speak English, drive down roads unsuitable for HGVs, change lanes on motorways without looking, and drive poorly maintained vehicles. All trailers should be attached to British tractor uits with British drivers at th port of entry.

I said this years ago when I was on the road, foreign drivers can and do undercut our own hauliers forcing some out of business. It’s gone on way too long now and it’s about time our government helped the haulage industry over here. The foreign truckers get away with all sorts of fiddles, tachographs is just one, because the police can’t be bothered with all the paper work to bring a conviction. Change over at the borders is a good idea Andy Mann and could save lives as well..

Go to Milton Keynes. They live in their lorries parked around the industrial estates. They get stoves out and cook on the grass verges before dumping their waste and rubbish.  They live like 19th century bargees.

What I want to know is why these Foreign drivers of all vehicles drive on our roads free of charge but when the British drivers drive in Europe we have to pay a road tax a vinetta in most countries even if we are just driving through . The EU the most corrupt money grabbing unfair system that has ever been in power, worse then the Mafia.

They do have to pay over here £10 a day, not a lot but they do have to pay..

And what’s the Road Tax for a 42 tonne artic in this Country? It sure as hell isn’t as little as £10 a day. And no, they don’t buy their diesel here either.

D is for Democracy
Police too busy catching people doing 82mph on a motorway that should have a speed limit of 85mph anyway.
Yet tired lorry drivers literally getting away with murder – remember the A34? Also I have spotted a Hungarian driver with his TV on whilst driving!

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