Melbourne Car Hoax: ”Jimmi” Was Actually Only Doing About 12 Km Per Hour

How fast was Jimmy boy really going!


Published on Mar 9, 2017
Can a vehicle travelling a max of 12 klm per hour create all this damage, an interesting analysis.

great stuff and good lateral thinking to do the maths

”If that tower clock in Peekay’s Video is running fast Jimmy boy is still doing rounds in Flinders Street.”

Another Swanston street interview regarding Melbourne Car Attack and the Law makers

smoke’n mirrors
Published on Mar 8, 2017

Agreed….if “Smokey” could use that style with Gavin Wilson,if he gets the chance,he’ll have him singing like a bird.

Taking a closer look into Lou Bourgias the cabbie’s Twitter Feed and his surprising circle of friends and tweets:

Lou Bourgias Twitter:

Robbo Max
Great work again. More evidence of Lou lying. He can’t give you an interview but he was happy to tell 3AW/ Neil Mitchell everything including how he had coffees and smokes with the cops (drug squad) when he was interviewed for 4 hours.

Robbo Max
Louis says he’s witness for 6 murders. There was only 1 person allegedly killed that he could have seen and he says in his 3AW interview he never saw her being hit or landing 4 foot from where he alleges he was standing.

Paul Ryan
Robbo Max; Sounds like Lou is an unreliable witness!

He was all smiles, that “cabbie”

David Tilbury
Getting rewarded that’s why. 😉

Bougias and Gargasoulas are Greek surnames.
This said, on Bougias’ twitter account, he has many references to ex-king Constantine of Greece and supporting the return of monarchy. If he lived in Greece, he would have had a few supporters from the “National Democratics Group” who also support the return of monarchy. In 2015, Bougias shows he is not a left-wing supporter from his tweets of 2015 which are against the left-wing government (SYRIZA).

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