Melbourne Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Published on Mar 9, 2017

So Lace Up Running Shoes become dislodged from a person supposedly hit by a car. 1st shoe is 20 yards past the person. The 2nd shoe is over 200 yards past. Socks untouched, no blood, no damage to feet or legs. But of course people will believe this.

Can it get more ridiculous than this? IT SURE DOES because in Melbourne THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN’.

Veronica Conlin
Where is Gargasoulus now? Funny how they haven’t mentioned him in the nrews
Frickin lying governments

Adam Bartlett
Veronica Conlin I live in Queensland and our everyday paper said his court appearance was postponed till next year due to issues relating to his defence

Fredrik Montelius
I suppose they believe the public takes for granted that Gaga-soul-less is back behind bars after his parole. His supposedly fake name was chosen to program the audience into believing he is an evil soul-less goy.  Lady Gaga???

GW:  Let’s break out the Gematria Calculator shall we?
Lots of matches for 547 including ”Chaos Monster”.

EPIC RC VIDS (edited)
I want to know, where they got all these crisis actors, anyway to find out mate? any agency or something?

Chuck P
I wouldn’t doubt it if they fly a bunch of them in from Tel Aviv. Then they bribe a few locals like Lou the cabbie to do their part. Many of the first responders are part of the medical emergency drill that is going on simultaneously. It’s a pretty neat trick.

johnsmith2046 (edited)
The shoes always add drama, don’t they Peter? It’s hard not to love watching this stuff, I’ll admit. It’s unfortunate though that we all have to keep enduring these events.

Mista Realitycheck
Some sort of ritual thing with the shoes.  They have soles.

William Woods (edited)
Where are all of their handbags, shopping bags and anything else they would have been carrying as well – not one other thing lying about only shoes and boots.

oz lady (edited)
at 1;00 has the hand rail been pushed over. Looking at RMIT drama Club all the Uni s. Not one scratch on the wall….

Chuck P
Good point. It just doesn’t seem possible does it? Maybe it was a different car? Without cctv proof it will be hard to prove anything. The trial scheduled for August 2034 should be real interesting. I can’t wait.

Dom Farmer
Peekay…on the right hand side must be the tram you son spoke of (who was there) that was conveniently placed to block the view of everyone on the right side

Addy 53
part’s of Manchester city centre UK was closed / lockdown the other day waiting for the action cameras to start rolling?

S. Labouisse
Hey, “bootless cries” ! (Shakespeare – Sonnet 29 : Line 3)……….”Bootless” anyhow. I may have jumped the gun on ‘the cries’ part.

My Hand, To Yours!
Wardrobe change @ 6:20 mark, next to “bright color” guy!?

Truth Knowledge Freedom (edited)
they won’t talk cuz there is a lot of ”they,” more ”they ”than u think, Doyal is a ”they” and ”they” have been here since the beginning of time, ”they” only answer and serve to their queen and would die before ”they” give any information that would give them up, and don’t think for a min that they have a conscious becuz they don’t, they are not like you and i and they are different but in the same kinda of skin and they are all over the place. Their population is huge that’s why they can pull off all these false flags with no one speaking out and the few us that do see and hear are threatened with our live if we were to speak out. Remember your crisis actors and extras are ”they.” They do these amature productions and then mock those who fall for it. They also love to see and hear people like you that get upset and frustrated, becuz this is another way of mocking you. They sit back and watch all these video and have a good laugh. It’s all entertainment to them and you tube and Google are making a shit load of money becuz your big corporations are ”they” as well not just one but all. I would give you proof but I would probably disappear somewhere.

Romantic Dance
She has been blown out of her shoes. Just like the Asterix and Obelix cartoons.

Boots are probably marks where to start the hoax filming.

Peekay you need to check out the supposed bumper ( fender) which is laying on the pavement. Check the car used and I will bet you any money old lad that the bumper on that model is robustly fixed to the body of the car…….I’ve attended horrible crashes on the motorway …..utter carnage …and guess what…..very few loose their bumpers.  I’ll bet you £ 1000 that you couldn’t rip the bumper of said car with you bare hands…….Check out the aforementioned, you will find I’m correct on all counts.

Justin H (edited)
Right near the Commonwealth bank that was involved in the Springvale Hoax.
Advertising of course.
Knee high boots are known as,
“Jack boots”
Runners are known as
It’s all encrypted just as a computer is, numerology & words.

mazz knight
what’s in that weird looking long black bag leant against the bench seat at 3:47 – 3:54 ….. is that the props bag … a bag full of shoes and props etc …. what the hell is it ?

So we’re supposed to believe that a car went up that sidewalk without bumping into any of those parked bicycles or motorbikes angled into the sidewalk (as Peekay mentioned before) and that none of the ‘victims’ were able to step a foot or two to the side to either get behind a tree or jump onto the stairs and so be safe from any car coming up the sidewalk? Instead they just stayed in the middle of the sidewalk and waited for the car to drive 50 to 150 feet up the sidewalk to reach them? There should be a reenactment to show the lunacy of this — how no measure of human reaction time would allow for this ridiculous ludicrous scenario.

edward kennedy(edited)
The fraudsters never expected this level of scrutiny. The idea was to dupe without analysis; To squeeze moulage bags, like old trollop douche bags and retreat. Bail ended. No legal way of walking free from allegations. Targets DEAD, Bang bang, blame Garga, take the salary plus expenses.

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