Ex PM Tony Abbott Says Cameron Begged Him To Keep Quiet Before BREXIT Vote

”Tony Abbott said Mr Cameron called him in March last year and said: “You would be doing me a huge favour if you didn’t publicly support Brexit when next in London.”

This suggests Mr Cameron called world leaders in a bid to gain support for Remain.

A month later US President Barack Obama came to London and warned at a press conference that Brexit would put Britain at the “back of the queue” for trade talks with America.”

Abbott’s got previous form.  Here’s Aussie Tone telling the Malaysian PM that MS370 did NOT land on Diego Garcia – back in the day.


Mr Abbott is Jesuit trained btw. 

Cameron will be remembered as a traitor to the British people. A PM who put himself and his Brussels friends at the front of the queue and was very happy to see his own people languishing at the back and picking up crumbs.

Cameron will always be known as the most untruthful bigoted PM Great Britain has ever had, he used £10 million of OUR money to fund his personal pro-EU agenda,that money would have gone a long way to help during the ‘austerity’ he imposed on our people. A filthy vile piece of dung!

The Americans would never say ” back of the queue” but instead would say “back of the line” Proof that speech Obama gave was written up by the 10 Downing Street remain fear mongers, not by Obama himself. But seeing he’s not as bright as he thinks he is he omitted to say it the way he would have done and read the speech off word for word. Can’t fix stupid.

”Custard Cam”

golfer dude
Treacherous. Custard Shameron. The traitorous, spineless, school boy PM, May you forever live in ignominy alongside B Liar.

”Theresa LushPud”

The Saint
What you need to know about Abbott, is that he may not come over as all warm and fuz -zy, but he is a lot more honest and down to earth than Cameron could ever be.

Why did we hang Lord Haw Haw, compared to Blair, Cameron, Clegg and Fart Minor – he was a patriot .

Hammond is playing politics, with workers as the meat in his sandwich.

May must show what she is made of now, or she will not last.

She should never have made Hammond Chancellor.

He has made the Conservatives Liars.

And she should be rid of him.

GW:  Now we know why the UK is in such a mess – it is being run by a series of bowls of custard.  Cripes with Custard Cam & now Theresa LushPud there’s Tubby Custard ALL over the Noo Noo!  What a mess!

Teletubbies: (Noo Noo tidies the Tubby Custard)

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