Er-dog-again Part iii

‘THEY’LL PAY THE PRICE’ Turkish president Erdogan brands Netherlands a ‘BANANA REPUBLIC’

Jacques Lazier
On the world stage, all the Euroopean countries, including the UK, are weak nations. Erdogan takes advantage of this weakness and is now very happy to bully us. The Turks have never forgotten the fall of the Ottoman Empire (re the Gallipoli Campaign).

Turkey isn’t without its own problems if poverty, corruption and abuse of the most basic human rights. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but between Turkey and The Netherlands – which one would you consider the real “banana republic “?

I think it is great – and will give Geert Wilders a boost. The Dutch could do with a boot up the backside about migration! 17 million Dutch and 400,000 Turks

Horseback charges and water cannon! Serious stuff then. I have no time for Erdogan, but anything that causes problems for an EU member state other than the UK is just fine by me.

I very much hope so. I would love to see problems spilling into Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and so on. We will be out of the EU soon, will have the Channel between us and them and will be able to prevent the contagion affecting us.

And we will pray for continual ‘bad’ weather / storms/ etc. in the English channel , to make it very difficult for any ‘illegal ‘ visitors from entering .

So Turkey is treating Germany and Netherlands like its internal states – Erdogan is unhappy he can’t dictate and do what he wants in Europe/ the sheer audacity is shocking and should be a wake up call for whomever is still living in la-la-land / you don’t have the slightest understanding of how Eastern minds work

erdogan is dangerous . the dutch should deport all his supporters back to turkey

He is popular or feared- he has a strong army and Turks support him- he took a flourishing modern economy and pushed it towards hardline Islam – EU has made a thousand mistakes in almost everything they have done – bringing Turkey in would be worse than all the 1000 mistakes put together/ catastrophic – he is a bully and tyrant

Levi B
“We will teach them international diplomacy.”
He doesn’t understand irony, does he?

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