Er-dog-again Part ii

‘THEY’LL PAY THE PRICE’ Turkish president Erdogan brands Netherlands a ‘BANANA REPUBLIC’

I thought Holland was a Tulip  Republic

why have protests now got to be about setting fire to other people’s property & livelihoods,, and throwing bricks through windows with a hope of looting.. If they don’t like the laws of their host country then FOXTROT OSCAR,,, SCUM..

Islamophobia is the most abused and fetishised word in the English language.

It is but not for the reasons you probably think.

The distinction between the west and the rest has been public democracy – free people who participate fully in self-governance. That has all but gone.

It’s now purely a case of totalitarian governments imposing their values/ideas on people. The west just happens to have a different set to the others – and there is no reason whatsoever that it should be considered more ‘right’ or ‘valid’ than any other ideology. ‘The people’ don’t agree with any of it necessarily. It’s a matter of who can be the least principled to impose their values/ideas on the majority.

Muslims and globalist liberals are identical beasts working to impose their particular ideology.

Once again, the Dutch, the EU – hoist by their own petard.

What else is going to happen if you allow migration from migrants who remain committed to their original country? In addition, he – and any other Muslim leader – could put out the same call to the streets in the EU he did in his own country and they would respond.

He’s using the same rhetoric used in western nations and the same strategies – there are no rules except ‘winning’ by fair means or foul. It’s only a matter of time. Globalist liberals asked for it, they’ve got it – and it’s only going to get more so. For some absurd reason, their conviction of their ‘rightness’ deludes them into thinking they’re the only ones who can simply ignore ‘sovereignty’ or ‘democracy’. They’re not.

First kick Turkey out of NATO, then kick Turkey out of Cyprus, then kick Turkey out of Kurdistan and lastly kick Turkey out of Constantinople.
Close all borders with Turkey. Stop trade. Stop financial aid.
Stop tourism from Europe to Turkey, and stop any travelling to Europe.

Let’s see how fast Erdogan will be our lapdog.

The danger from this cult shows again and again. Nobody allowed borders to their own countries while they think they can do whatever they want.  kick all of them out.

But that’s the point. People can do ‘whatever they want’ overall. The only reason they don’t is an agreed social contract. Remove that and it’s anything goes. Turkey – and every other state – have now realised by watching the west that you can do anything you like, whether the people want it or not, if you have the will and the power.. So they are – and will ever increasingly.

The only rule now is ‘I sincerely believe I’m right and everyone else must be forced to agree  with me or be punished’.

Erdogan a few years back went in front of the media and declared that he would have the Ottoman empire reformed and they would not have to do it through war but through immigration, he is no friend to western civilization he is an enemy.

A much better solution for the Netherlands would be to deport the Erdogan supporters back to Turkey so that Erdogan can address them directly. I am sure a similar move in the U.K. would be very popular. A win-win solution.

It must be brought to the attention of the eu that turkey is not a European country even though they have a small part of Europe that they took from Greece. They are a Muslim nation with very little interest in human dignity and it is not only holland that is getting rough treatment from them Greece is also having to deal with their aggression.

Greece and Cyprus have had to deal with their aggression and strange policies for decades. Turkey is about as far from being a European country as Argentina is from being a British protectorate. Unfortunately while Erdogan was banned from holding a political position his puppets rearranged the Turkish constitution. When he was allowed back into politics once he was elected Prime Minister then President he can stay in the position indefinitely allowing him to pursue his ambition to become part of the EU and by that making Turkey part of Europe. Once he has achieved his ambition I think he will then try to increase his and his party’s influence in Europe doing what the Nazi’s tried to do between 1939 and 44. Which makes his comments about the Dutch most poignant.

Correct, Turkey is an ASIAN nation , and geographically, NOT in Europe .
They must turn their eyes away from the North West , and look South and to their own homeland to improve and cultivate ‘ like minded’ peoples .
Europeans ,have different , values, religion, customs, tastes and value DEMOCRACY , most nations now want their own sovereignty back . the EU has proved to be destructive , wasteful , and corrupt .

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