Cameron The Traitor Part ii

The more you learn about what was going on with Cameron behind the scenes, the more despicable it shows he really was. The man is nauseating! He clearly knew the wave of anti-EU sentiment there was in the country so he deliberately set out to stack up world leaders’ opinion against such sentiment to try to frighten people into thinking they were wrong to vote against the EU. But my, how it backfired! Obama’s arrogant lecture sealed the deal when he threatened the British people on our own home turf, and one day in the not too distant future he too, just like Abbott, will spill his guts – probably in the pages of the book he’s writing about his presidency – about Cameron’s betrayal of the British people.

Cameron KNEW he’d failed the people after his humiliating crawl around the EU for concessions, he KNEW it wasn’t enough to convince the people, so he dispensed with all decent behaviour and reached out to world leaders and begged them to back HIM against his own people. It’s clear that that’s why he came home with his begging bowl empty – it was all a big charade. What a pathetic, vile, cheap scumbag he turned out to be. And let no-one be in any doubt, he may well have turned his back on his career as an MP but his arrogance and sense of entitlement will not allow him to walk away from this fight without some pay-back against the people. He and Osborne may be keeping a low profile but you can guarantee they’re colluding with those dissenters in the HoL and in the Commons to undermine the PM. They are quite prepared, if they can’t get their own way, to wreck this country’s economy by talking us down so that world markets will react against us. Eton must be baulking at having produced such a disgusting, dishonourable, Cabal of traitors.

GW: Nasty thoughts indeed Gellert.

Cameron has been openly accused of atrocious wrongdoing many times and has never brought legal cases to defend his position? WHY? He will be ‘outed’ one day and I hope these yet unreleased vast store of VAULT 7 documents that are still to come will tell all because because him and his kind are out to destroy OUR nation and country and they need to be brought to justice.

So Cameron begged a world leader not to support brexit, and then two weeks later another world leader comitted blackmail against the British state to influence the democratic process in favour of remain.

Can someone please tell me why President Trump is under threat over his alleged attempt with Russia to influence the democratic process in favour of a republican victory in the USA, and Barack Hussein Obama’s well documented open interference in the democratic process of another sovereign state is not even mentioned?  Hypocrisy, dual standards, a heavily biased news media and a world in total denial – that is clearly what is going on here.

The long established protective bubble of cultural marxism has been burst by President Trump, and they don’t like it do they…

Yet another cheating lying conniving git of a PM. He’s just another one of a very long list of MPs and PMs who have lied through their smiling teeth to the British public.

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