Boris Johnson called in to save Theresa May’s reputation after Spring Budget

”As a poll revealed just one in four voters now thinks of the Conservatives as the party of low taxes, Downing Street was trying to repair the damage to Prime Minister Theresa May’s reputation.”

The realist
Perhaps Hammond should have experienced a period of self employment – with it’s uncertainty, the chance of times when income is way down, the overall gamble of success or failure. Perhaps both May and Hammond should resign as inexperience rears it’s ugly head.

GW:  Bulls in China Shop.  Back to Custard Cam again.  Just can’t seem to leave him alone today.

Unfortunately TM made the biggest mistake of her career when she placed so many Remainers in cabinet. She did what all Prime Ministers do, she placed her friends in the top jobs whether they were capable or not. There were many many Brexiteers who could have done the big jobs better because they understood the mood of the country. Remainers do not understand that shift and never will because Remainers are frightened of change. They think the status quo is safe. It is in their personalities to fight change at all cost. The status quo is a myth because nothing stands still. Businesses understand this, entrepreneurs understand this and so do the Sensible Silent Majority. But then the Tory MPs were a disgrace after the vote when they threw Andrea Leadsom to the wolves and lined up behind TM. Like Donald Trump, Andrea was an outsider who had vision. Like Donald Trump she was liked by those who wanted real change. But the ”Establishment” was afraid of her vision. We should have led the World from the day we won the referendum, but we haven’t and we are now losing the momentum.

I am sorry to say that you are probably right.
And you have put your points across beautifully.
I suspect that the remain camp are only just beginning their campaign to unseat Brexit.

Cameron might as well have stayed in number 10 is what I see – this PM and her Liblabcon party are dragging the UK down into oblivion regardless of what she says in public. Foreign aid up by £300m and again taxing the very people who are the engine of growth, the middle class, is not good for the country but it is good for the tax free super rich who aren’t being touched… her mates that is.

Bribing dictators to stay in power to keep their subjects poor thus easier for the NWO to control is to me criminal and that is what foreign aid mostly does but it also greases the Foreign Office of guess who?? Boris of course. Then they call Boris in to defend them? Does that sound like a scam??

Hammond, Rudd and that strange man who looks after the NHS, may all be May’s allies but they sure make crappy ministers.

GW:  Looks like a Duck. Quacks like a Duck?  Must be a Duck.

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