VooDoo Doughnut’s The Next PIZZAGATE!


Published on Mar 8, 2017
VooDoo Doughnut’s The Next PIZZAGATE!

Lisa Tsuda
#PIZZAGATE .. scheduled protest in Washington DC at Lafayette Park on March 25 and at BEYOND BORDERS on March 18 and 19 in Washington DC to protest cover-up of pizza gate..

Tony G
found the alternate meaning of “cat” (Codeword for a Sex Slave Being Trained by a Handler) and it puts what he says in a different context when he says his name is “CAT DADDY”.

Tina & Randy Remines
The owner on the left has a freemason shriners hat on.

Voodoo also shows a donut with peanut butter in the hole and says the magic is in the whole. So to me it means anal sex with children is where the magic is

RuPaul Hussein Obama
Forget about that the entire weird VooDoo Doughnut commercial & that the crying Conan is Creepy AF. The bottom line is WHY would any sane person put a Pedo Logo on their advertisements. NO SANE Person would ever do that.

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