”Melting The Matrix” 1 Teacup At A Time

Tielle Tea

GW:  Yep we can do that Gideon.  We can do that!  Yes GW.  I make it & you drink it!  Knock Knock Knock.  Slip Slap Slip Slap Slip Slap.  Door Sound.  Slip Slap Click Tap Slip Slap Click Tap.  It’s Mr Tapestry GW.  Ah TAP.  Come in.  Will you take some Lapsang Souchong  or some Russian Caravan at this hour?  We were just talking about ”Melting the Matrix” one teacup at a time.  You said what?

”Civil Disobedience on a Massive Scale is the only thing the Government will ever listen to.”

Oh?  Maybe we could start civilly though?  THAT’s a good cuppa Gideon.  Well TAP would you mind expanding on this thesis of civil disobedience for us?  Well, Gabble Gabble Gabble.  Yes Uh-Hu.  Uh-Hu. Uh-Hu.  Gabble Gabble Gabble.  Uh-Hu. Uh-Hu.  Uh-Hu.  Discrete watch watch.  Really?  Well Gideon?  Raised eyebrows.  Furthermore Gabble Gabble Gabble.  You don’t say TAP.  Discrete yawn.  More tea TAP?  Smoked Salmon Roll?  Gideon?  Yes GW?  When did Aunt Ethrelda say she was arriving?  It’s her Women’s Institute Stall tomorrow isn’t it?  You were saying TAP.  Gabble Gabble Gabble.  Oh My……… Tyres on Gravel   Screech.  Scrunch.  Slam Slam. There’s Ethrelda now.   Clipety Clipety Clump Clump Clump.  Looks like she brought Aldora with her.  Aldora is People’s Assembly isn’t she?  Hmmm – you know what youngsters are like.  Aldora darling.  How are you my dear?  Ethrelda dear heart.  Must you throw the gravel on the drive about like that?  At your age you should be sticking to 40mph surely?

Seriously though this article is shocking!

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