Hampstead Cover Up to Pizzagate. Mother’s statement and appeal to the public. 03.08.2017.

Free The Hampstead 2


Bring this all to light. It’s all coming out now… Hold in there, we are digging as deep as we can. /v/pizzagate

Believe The Children
I don’t think Ella NEEDS to sue Angela, I have a feeling Angela will be in prison long before that, if Max Spiers friends & family have anything to with it….from what I hear.

Who Is Angela Power Disney?  She Does Not Believe Ella.  A P-D seems to have a very high profile for just an ”Activist” – Google really helping her out there???  So Google ”approves” of A P-D then?????  Red Flag???  P-D has suffered MK herself.

Angela P-D Has A Go-Fund-Me Site – Unfortunately, GFM Is Now Often Used By Hoax Operatives to ”cash in” – ergo Hakin ”Family” In Melbourne raised $150,000 for the ”Funeral” of non-existent child Thalia.


Jury’s out????

Link supplied by Tap Newswire.

Diligence Integrity
Illegal child abuse, Mr. Norman? I do not live in the UK, but the UK is allied with the US, where I was born (some say hatched) and still reside. In what way has she been abused by her name said? Further, that she is clearly in that video, means that Mr. Dearman must have knowledge of it and approval of it, too, since she would appear to be in his custody. What is more, His son also appears to be in it and quite possibly, even Mr. Dearman is in it, perhaps with modest adjustments to his appearance to veil his being in it.

Now I first heard the allegations that Alisa was in the Audi video according to Angela. Well, that made me very suspect. She lacked any credibility for as long as I can remember. so I decided to do a careful analysis, with intention of either exposing her or discovering a monumental leak. I had every expectation that it was going to turn out to be a load of crap. To my surprise, it was 100% legit.

My strong suspicion is that Jacqui Farmer was likely the source. How she got the info? I am guessing some intelligence source fed it to her. You might want to check with your own sources to see what they might say. You had every right to be skeptical of the source, but regardless of source, the girl is, without doubt, due to exact freckle matches, Alisa. As a concerned citizen the US allied with the UK and as a representative of God toward the whole world, I have deep concerns and interests in regards to how Mr. Dearman has been awarded custody with no public court notice. Further are my concerns for the welfare of both Alisa and Gabriel, I genuinely care about and in now way intend harm merely by referring to them by name.

To the contrary, I name them for their protection and rights to receive a fair legitimate police investigation that to the present, has never been done or carried out. So if you could point out the real harm I have caused, other than exposing wide spread corruption of the entire legal system of the UK , please state your case here in the court of the public, the only real legitimate court.

I so feel it necessary and obligatory to caution you that the God and creator of the all those living, who chose the name translated since 1209 AD as Jehovah in European nations, also has a deep interest in this particular case, and I am willing to accept service for anything you would like to address to Him or I as His representative in this case. I trust you will respect my rights to continue investigating this case on behalf of children all around the world and in the in the interests of God. If at any time, you feel I am acting inappropriately, to feel free to take it up with me and I will address it as best as I can. My door is always open and my ears at your service. I would appreciate Mr. Dearman perhaps sharing some info about his two children.

I will remain respectful and polite and will not judge him for having them, but ask for the sake of many, that he tell us how they are doing. Perhaps a video message. I would not expect it to allow honesty, but at least it would be appropriate to acknowledge that some who follow the children have a sincere genuine interest in the 2 children.

Superbowl, Pizzagate and the Hampstead Cover Up.  

Alisa being advertised to tptwtb via the Audi commercial @ Super Bowl??

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