Funny How EUSSR ”Worries” About The Disappearance of Cornish Culture But Not About English Heritage?

Eurocrats demand May ‘devolves more powers to CORNWALL’ after ‘NEGLECTING Cornish culture’

I love Cornwall, my dad lives there & it’s a great place to visit, especially when the sun is shining… But I feel it’s kind of curious that the E.U. should have a sudden interest in protecting the culture of any region. Given the plan for europe, written by Richard Coudenhove Kalergie, founding father, has the ultimate goal of eradicating nation states, national and regional identities and cultures, the g e n o c i d e of the original peoples of the entire continent, who will be replaced by his ‘designer mongrel’ subservient to the core rulers & their ‘approved’ circle of elites, it seems very curious.

the patriot
cornwall received over a billion pounds over the past decade, they had a 300 million pounds for a shopping centre but the planners took years, the council took years to decide, the architects too years the builders took years and years later they ended up with a hundred million pound shopping centre which they sold off 3 years later to a private company for 75 million, typical small business people, give them a big one and wait, the Cornish are truly racist and hate England as much as sturgeon does.

GW: Not allowed to fly the St George Flag but let’s cry about Cornish Culture. Nothing more than trying to facilitate regionalisation of UK for furthering the EUSSR Global Agenda.

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