Ex-PM ”Counterfeit Cammo” now lecturing on POPULISM in moneyspinning talk circuit


populism [póppylizəm]
1. anti-elite politics: politics or political ideology based on the perceived interests of ordinary people, as opposed to those of a privileged elite
2. focus on ordinary people: focus or emphasis on the lives of ordinary people, for example in the arts and in politics
[Late 19th century. Formed from Latin populus ‘people’ (see popular).]

I bet Cameron won’t be addressing populism in its true meaning. Whether you voted Remain or Brexit one good thing came out of it – we got rid of this once horrendous prime minister and money grabber.

How can people pay vast sums to listen to these windbags?

Populism. Can’t have the majority public opinion determining our policies, and overturning the ‘we know whats best for you’ mantra of our second rate political elite, can we now. Notice how they have stopped saying the Leave decision was made by the uneducated masses, which just made people angry, and now say those same masses ‘didn’t know what they were voting for’? The arrogance of these Brussel’s proteges.

Heir to Blair? Yes, that’s the one thing ”pudding-face” was right about,
amongst all the b/s, lies and ineptitude peddled by this puke on his watch.
Blair and Cameron…Doppelgangers.

“Popularism”! How can Cameron possibly talk about being popular?

Ever since I saw him doing a 10 minute photo-shoot in the Arctic with huskies and sledge, to show of his green credentials, I’ve thought he was an complete idiot.

Nothing he did subsequently to that has changed my mind. Especially his negotiations with the EU, prior to the Referendum, in an effort to head off a Brexit vote. And when that show of patheticness, fell flat on its face, he and Osborne dreamed up Project Fear, hoping it would do the trick instead.

He and Blair should team up and do joint talks on ‘How to be a really cr*ap leader of your country wearing a great smile and exuding loads of emotion.’

That, at least, would be closer to truth and reality.

WE are not on conflict with Islam. Islam is in conflict with itself, and then with Judaism and Christianity and democracy and decency. Put Muslims in Islamic countries – and leave them there. No conflict. Easy.

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