Ben Fogle: ‘Manners have SLIPPED in Britain and society has lost its charm’

‘Bring back manners!’ Fans rally behind Ben Fogle as he calls for a campaign to revive common courtesy after being left ‘astonished’ at how few people offer their seats to the elderly”

Ben Fogle stands by Lulworth Cove in Dorset
Ben Fogle

You don’t give a cheery hello any more because you can’t be sure the other person speaks English, and you don’t reprimand people for spitting in the street because maybe ‘it’s their culture’, and so all manners have declined

Manners maketh the man was our school motto and drilled in to us,manners should be taught from an early age at home,used to be

GW:  Fogle himself can be irritating as he is ”establishment” with capital ”E” and sometimes makes fun of people he is working with but what he has said here is regrettably true.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Phasing out the Fogles! Prince William distances himself from Ben Fogle and his wife

GW:  Perhaps Fogle has become a bit too ”gobby” for his own good.  5 Mill pound home to roam about in ”thinking” – that may not be good for him.  Illuminati getting a bit nervous?

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