TPTWTB Are Writhing About Like wounded Vipers Over Historic Democratic BREXIT Vote

It’s quite comical really, watching the various machinations; the thrashing about; and reading pundit pieces outlining hypotheses about why Brexiteers voted as they did.

Bit like Groundhog Day for them, as each morning the vipers wake up to that same fact that a whole 17.8 million Britons didn’t accept their view of the ”Golden Global State” and have not been persuaded by ANY of their rhetoric – historical or current – about how great Globalisation is and how frightening it will be if Britain is EVER to leave dear nanny EUSSR.

Makes sense in a way when one considers that many of them have been brought up by ”nanny” so it is quite natural for them to want ”nanny” always around organising their playroom for them.

The rest of us had a more fortunate upbringing where we were taught to be independent and self-reliant by dutiful parents and by various, sometimes daredevil, relatives who let us take risks and push our boundaries about.  Mad whip cracking horse escapades through the bush with cousins; tumbling off surf-o-planes into the foam; building tree houses; roaring bar-be-cue fires in a makeshift  metal furnace down by the river, etc.  

”Look out for those snakes and bull ants Timothy!”- Shut-up Nanny!

Who wants ”nanny” spoiling all the fun!!

And get an Allotment Michael – that’s where you may at last learn what Joi de vivre is all about!  It’s time to put in the Leeks!  Get Digging mate!  You look so grumpy.  You could really do with the exercise!  And you might meet some really nice people for a change!  Maybe even take in the atmosphere at sunset with a glass of Organic Raspberry Lemonade watching a duck and its mate land on the river.  Perfect.

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