Actually Admitting To CONjuring Up The Spirits Of The Dead Now Are We BoJo?

Boris: We’ll summon spirit of Maggie to face down EU demand for £50bn Brexit bill

”Boris The Bald” goes all limp wrists – Shades of Sampson?


Oh get a grip Global Boy.

We liked you when you were independent of Westminster. Total Borg now.

Mrs T was no different from countless others who also attended patriotic schools.
You know, the ones that taught history, not rubbishing this island.
And accepted it’s always going to be a man’s world so to get gender equality you don’t rely on workplace discrimination designed by men for men….
You get tougher than the boys.

Perhaps a particular set of boys in Westminster have been so steeped in treachery and self grabbing deceit they’ve forgotten how to bat hard.
Then again did they ever?

Get a grip. What is there to negotiate?
Old Europe’s had its day, it’s a failure and the world has moved on.

Repeal the ECA and declare by tea we are again free.

Get a grip!

Trade him in for a butter mountain.  Boris IS a butter mountain!

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