Birth rate counter shows MIND BOGGLING population rise

EUROSTAT Figures showed there were 776,700 births in Britain in 2015, the second highest total in Europe behind France.

You can’t foster mass migration without serious adjustments to infrastructure and services. British governments have failed to do this for decades.

To compound this problem, census taking has been discontinued. Britain once knew 10 years ahead how many doctors, lawyers, teachers needed to be trained in line with head count. For decades hospitals, schools, state housing kept pace, as did police, defence, road works, agriculture.

Now it’s a dogs’ basket of EU regulation without regional application and badly managed computer systems. Nobody is counting, nobody is planning, budgets are cut to the bone, while Britain feeds billions into undisclosed EU coffers. How many new citizens are earning but not paying tax? Britain limps towards disintegrating quality of life for all but the rich, and even they will soon feel the effects in unmanageable crime rates, traffic flows, street debris and broken basic services (power, sewage). There are signs already of these breaking down.

Governments have forgotten how to manage the country properly, outsourcing with no coordination. Ignore lobby groups, minority hysterics on fringe issues and inappropriate EU diktats. Start doing the job you’re paid to do. The computer age was supposed to make administration easier and more efficient. Massive fail. No excuse.

What colour are these babies…not white I’m sure. That’s another reason to reject taking in so called unaccompanied migrant children. Won’t be long & they will be breeding children they can’t support & don’t forget the aging population paid into the system the other lot just milk it.

That’s It, Blame The British Seniors Who Built This Bloody Nation! If Our Leaders Gave A Sh*t AT All About These Forecasts; They Would Shut The Borders, Tell The EU To Get Stuffed, Get Rid Of All The Illegals And Stop Handing Billions Away To Foreign Nations! Spend It On Our Own People! The ONES Who Have Actually Worked For It! I Am Sick Of This Government And Their “Pensioner Bashing”

Over 250,000 births to FOREIGN mothers, that’s why services are stretched. We never had a problem before.

The baby boom is caused by migration. 25% children in the UK are born to immigrants. The lefties choose to ignore that, it will cause problems for our children. How can that be a long term benefit for our country!

The inability of this country to deal with population growth is a disgrace.

What are we going to tell all these mothers? “Oh sorry Mam, you have to abort your child. You know, we as a nation are incapable of building schools.”

It would come down PODQ if we said, no free NHS except for citizens, no housing benefits or employment benefits, except for citizens, announce from here on from nine months from now no child benefits after the second child. Then clamp down on giving out citizenship for merely being here.

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