Foreign aid budget set to swell by staggering £400MILLION due to booming British economy

Join the Foreign Aid Dots.

  • Cameron Announces He Will Chair Foreign Aid Commission
  • CamClegg Spotted Having A ”Budget Breakfast” In Kensington High Street
  • Hammond Announces Foreign Aid Budget To Swell By Staggering 400 Million Pounds
  • Foreign Aid Dispensed Via NGOs
  • Top staff quit the hated ”Adam Smith International” after revelations firm made millions in profit ‘helping the poor’ THE SUN
  • Former MP Simon Mbugua quits NGO board, launches Kamukunji re-election bid  Smell a Rat yet?

David Cameron and Nick Clegg spotted on Kensington High Street this morning – on budget day 8 March 2017 / Source: Greg Bennett / DM Pic Desk

That’s a laugh , Are they using the Foreign Aid to pay Traffickers to get to Europe ? 18 grand a pop.

Wow more plasma tvs Paris properties and private jet planes for Ali Bongo and other leaders of his ilk. The continued poverty of course leads to mass population displaceent of the kind we are currently witnessing from Africa.

I notice all the petitions regarding foreign aid have been closed.

Cameron may be the dope that set the figure but there is no reason May could not cut it. We need that money spend here to correct the mistakes of the last 30 years and since it is our money we should keep it. Frankly I don’t care if a billion people in some OTHER part of the world think they need it; I think they should learn to earn it exactly as we had to do. Nothing will improve in the, so called, developing world while we keep propping them up and covering up their inabilities to do things for themselves!

Ask those countries to perhaps stop banging babies out one after the other that WE can’t afford. One child is hard enough why the need to breed if you don’t have any money or know when your next meal is? Money never reaches those it should so just cut it out.

I a con, If our country was free from debt and everyone was well off and our NHS etc was running well , Then give a little to Aid , And let the people decide where this Aid goes . We are in no way in a position to pay any Aid . Our Generations owe other countries Nothing . Nothing . The Elite back in the day who invaded countries should be made to pay them back out of their riches . Not us the people . Plus UKIP will throw Aid out the window . It said that Aid would be one of their policies to stop . But the Sheep always vote Tory , Because they like being treated like idiots . Everything Camoron promised you ? What did he give you in the end ? Nothing . And turned this country in to a block owned by the EU with in his time in Office . Because he said he would manage Britain’s debt , The Bankers debt . Not ours . The media at every debate concentrated on who talked about clearing our debt more than the other . And walked you all to Camorons door .. What did he do ? He TRIPLED THE DEBT . Faster than any other party had managed to do in decades , . Labour you say got us in debt ? Well what did Labour have when they got in office left by the Tory’s before them ? Debt that’s what , Then Labour got us in to more debt over the years . But Camoron whos whole campaign on the run up to the elections was to clear the debt . HE tripled it . Nothing said about our debt now though as much is it . Only when they need your vote that is . And it will not work again on the stupid sheep because they can see that any monies we saved thinking it was to pay the debt , Was given to Brussels and Aid .

Easy to solve – change the law – British money for British people and foreign aid only to be given for natural disasters.

Cameron – worst PM this country has ever had – alongside the odious Blair of course.

lets have some common sense here, no one borrows money to give it away, unless you are a conservative politician that is. The country has a debt of over 1.3 trillion pounds and it goes up by 13 billion every year to give it away. I have no problem with helping in times of great need, but it should be spent on direct aid not go through NGOs with massive salaries and pension pots and certainly not on radio stations and bra’s. This is not aid it is investment and no matter how you look at it non of these investments give food or medicine to those who need it.

Lets go back to how it used to be 20/30 years ago where we sent food and medicine along with doctors and nurses to the likes of Biafra/Nigeria, Ethiopia and the rest, not investing in restaurants in China and girl bands, the aid program has gone mad

All 3 main parties backed the idea!
The unprecedented National Debt is rapidly approaching £2 trillion at a rate of more than £5,000 per SECOND!

Well we better take Cameron’s “law” to the Supreme Court and have it changed . or make the ass hole pay it himself.
Councils struggling , NHS struggling , Social Care struggling, roads knackered , etc,etc, but hey ho , lets give taxpayers
money away instead.

‘It emerged last week that Cameron will start an unpaid role to lead research on the impact of aid “in fragile and conflict-affected states” as he chairs a high-profile commission on overseas development.’
I think Blair got going with an unpaid role.

GW: How many of CaMoron’s mates are tucked up with consultancies in NGOs and being paid for by ”Foreign Aid?”

Jul 13, 2016

Cameron’s last demand: Outgoing PM BEGS May to keep his £12BILLION foreign aid budget

Cameron’s new job: Defending his legacy on foreign aid as he lines up to chair Foreign Aid Commission

The aid commission, together with the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, will hold five evidence sessions in the coming months and will report next year. It will look at how aid money can be spent better, given that half the population will be living in fragile states by 2020.
The unpaid position is said to have been inspired by an anti-corruption summit Mr Cameron hosted last year, at which he was caught on camera describing certain countries as corrupt.

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