Monkey Business In Melbourne?

smoke’n mirrors

John Lennon: ”I think this world is run by maniacs for maniacal reasons…..”

711 again? LOL

BrotherSpartacus (edited)
John Lennon -> Mind Games (Store) -> Bring on the Lucie (Freda People) SEE THE LYRICS
Lucie being Lucifer. All staged in Peekay’s City for him?

Robbo Max
Yet another top quality video mate.
when I compared this cctv footage to the 7-11 footage (going straight with no sideways deviation) I concluded the car must have come out on the last gap before Bourke St but i think you are showing that he goes through the penultimate gap just after the 7-11.

Is it possible that the 7-11 footage was filmed at another time or the car inserted into cctv footage?

can you track the people running in both videos to see if they match up?

Something Fishy (edited)
Great video. I think these things are done for “points” . . . How can Freemasons climb their ladder to the 33rd degree if they don’t earn their merit badges by producing this fake, phone s**t shows? How else do they earn their wings?!?

john r (edited) This vid goes just a bit longer. If you pause at the :37 sec mark you’ll see someone in front of the car that can not move out the way fast enough because they are in a wheel chair. I think the car had no choice except to make an unplanned turn. I think he was supposed to continue all the way to Bourke st on this path?? just my opinion. What does it look like to you?

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