Bloc to lose FIFTH of budget as Brexit ends scandal of soaring UK handouts

Britain’s budget contributions have ballooned by over 50 times since 1973

Common sense
I doubt that it is only 1/5 , more likely it is much more. The UK is the second largest NET CONTRIBUTOR after Germany. France it second gross one, but they got more money back from the EU than we do.
The EU does not want us, but wants our money.

What on earth is racist about wanting to govern ourselves? Why would you prefer to have unelected people in a different country make our laws? Britain has never been a backwater; this is where the whole world’s Industrial Revolution began.

We’ll see about the ‘ little backwater’ after the whole corrupt pile excrement collapses and preferably on top of Junker and all of the other pieces of filth that have grabbed our money and treated us in return like dirt.

If you still believe this is about racism then you are more of an idiot than I thought.

Why else do people think the EU is desperate to invent a fifty billion Euro divorce settlement ? The drawback to that idea is that with any divorce settlement comes a sharing of assets, which the EU hasn’t taken into account.

Given that we have only once in fifty years been a net beneficiary, how do you get to the conclusion that tax will have to rise to cover the cost? If we contribute more than we receive and we then stop paying OR receiving we are BETTER off not worse and so taxes could fall. Did you ever get beyond Primary School Mathematics?

So on top of 12 billion in aid we borrow and then give away each year we give aroun 10 billion in aid to other EU countries! 28 countries and we pay nearly a fifth. Are the remainers reading this!!!

The eu has been one gigantic looting operation of England’s wealth for 40 odd years, facilitated by the Liblabcon quislings in Westminster.

So the third world Eastern EU countries are upset that we are not going to carry on paying for their new motorways, overground and underground railways, tunnels, bridges and God knows what else. My heart bleeds for them it really does. I feel physically sick when I think of all the infrastructure we have paid for all over Europe and all we have had in return are bitterness and nastiness from ALL of them because we are leaving and will not be stumping the money after we leave. Not one of them has even had the courtesy, decency or manners to say thank you. Well screw the lot of them ALL of them and I for one will not be happy if we carry on defending them. We have been ‘soft touch’ Britain for too long. Pay back time in the form of a very large V sign is on the horizon.

7.9% of the vote in the EU Parliament, 20% of the money paid in to the EU’s coffers. Right lets have the EU’s Budgeted accounts signed off out into the public domain, so we can all see where the money has been spent {fritted away}

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