Budget for Brexit: Hammond’s £145m tax raid on self-employed to pay for education & care


Bane of the Left
The hike in NI contributions is a terrible move by the Tories. Since Brexit, they have been claiming that the UK is “open for business” and championing the entrepreneurial nature of the British. The self employed don’t get holiday pay, maternity/paternity pay, sick pay or work based pensions.

This hike isn’t going to pay for education and care in the real sense. It will be used to fund new school places and care for migrants and their offspring. So let’s call it what it really is, an immigrant tax.

He wants to save money, a few million here and there, etc. Why can’t the overseas aid budget be drastically cut or even no cash at all, just logistical supplies such as tents, food water purification kit, medical kit be provided by British companies.
The money is borrowed in “our” name, yet given away and we are dumped with the cost of the loan plus the interest and at the same time paying more and getting less, especially to local services. It is about time we looked after our own first, instead of being the World’s cash cow.

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