Podesta Pizza Mansion Surrounded By KIDS! 😨 Cazadero = ‘HUNTING GROUNDS’

James Munder

Published on Feb 21, 2017

who’s news
Podesta’s the cover up guy. It’s too close to Bohemian Grove for that not to be relevant.

James Munder hey the first part with the changing landscape. that metal building was covered in dirt to make an underground garage or facility. you can see the dirt is raised up and the land around it is raised. they buried that building.

Apostle Laura Lee – > Church of Philadelphia
Helen Massocchi The Bible warns of Antichrist / Antichrist’s Of all races. Unbelievers of all races are lost souls. Without Jesus they will go to hell as Jesus told unbelieving Jew’s in John 8 they were children of the devil and God was not their Father. Jesus is King.

Lonnie Przybysz
If Cazadero means hunting ground, this is probably just that! Two different victims of Satanic sexual abuse told stories about being made to strip naked & let out in a wooded area & made to run for their lives. One young girl from the U.K. & Cathy O’Brien who was an MK Ultra sex slave that had sex with Hilary Clinton under mind control, they both told about this. They had to run thru some wooded area at night, and there were men all over the woods and when they would catch them they would rape them. They both were raped repeatedly. The only difference remember in their stories is that the young U.K. girl said that they had dead children hanging from the trees all over these woods at least on one occasion when this happened to her. This happened to this young U.K. girl on several occasions over her young lifetime, as she was sexually trafficked by her own satanic parents, until someone helped her escape at 17 or 18 just a year or so ago, and helped her get to the US. Now here’s this young, white British girl asking for asylum here in the U.S. b/c child protection services in the UK would not help her or believe her. And she is actually having trouble getting asylum in the United States, but refugee Islamic terrorist have no problem!  She is called Becki Percy.

Loa Fragile (edited)
He’s really into those solar panels. Maybe those things on the side are panels? Also, is there something to the laying of sticks? I have pics saved of a guy who was an Instagram follower of comet Ping Pong laying sticks on a baby doll. ( ton other disturbing pics on there) Marina Abramovic has pics of her holding sticks and such too. Then those paintings by that woman ( forgot her name) where it looks like they hold sticks over a child. Idk. (Hmm I just checked hashtags and one is catholic and one is baptist on the Instagram photo/video. )

Thanks to ”Godlike Productions” for the link.
ALERT “Podesta Pizza Mansion” Surrounded By KIDS! Cazadero = ‘HUNTING GROUNDS! In spanish! In depth look at AREA

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