Dorothy Thornhill Watford FibDem Mayor & Now Member of House of Lords Is Busy Voting To Try And Stop BREXIT

Baroness Thornhill’s sojourn in The House of Lords since 3 December 2015 has  NOT been Value For Money!

Roughly 97 absences from House of Lords since appointment in 3 December 2015. That’s a lot isn’t it?  And in one case her whereabouts was ”unknown”.  That was when she fronted up for her iniation ceremony in the Crypt?

Comment @ Watford Observer:

crazyfrog  Tue 7 Mar 17
You can find the mayor baroness thornhill in the House of Lords trying to block Brexit as she has just voted to try and block the governments Brexit Bill in lords check her House of Lords voting history.

‘What’s democratic about that?’ Farron skewered for using unelected Lords to block Brexit

Tim wants to think deeply about his own party and why the electorate have not voted them into power within living memory. Could it be we don’t like their policies and smugness? They need to gather, if that’s the right word for 8 mp’s, and dream up some policies the electorate want and will vote for, then they might become relevant. Don’t see it happening any time soon though.

little farron has little clout in the commons or in the country and desperately uses the un-elected upper house undemocratically to try to get his way to force us to remain – luckily most right thinking people regard this little fellow as a minor irritation like an annoying little fly that won’t go away

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