Why Hillary Lost


Hillary lost because the democrats put up a lying, rotten, thoroughly corrupt, sick,nasty, vile, shameless, manipulative, foul, anti-semitic creature who left her morals, scruples and honesty on a dirty night stand with a broken lava lamp and her thesis on Saul Alinsky & Karl Marx on top of it and wound up being the Crooked Criminal Business partner of a depraved, bicycle seat-sniffing,trailer-park troll who was convicted of perjury, disbarred and impeached.Jennifer Palmieri, Robby Mook, the fake media and John Podesta (the molesta’)are tools. Hillary surrounds herself with a lot of tools like these demons. The democrats rigged their own Primary election against Bernie Sanders who at the time was drawing much larger crowds than Hillary, (who couldn’t draw fly’s if she were a leaking colostomy bag) and could have won the nomination. Americans finally saw Hillary for what she really is, democrats for what they are and fractured their base, and in the process leaving a gaping hole for Trump to fill. It really is just that simple!


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