How many police need to have counselling? Melbourne Car Incident

Was it 600 or 1000 or was it 1000 or 600?  Same as the number of witnesses.  Was it 1000 or 500 or was it 500 or 1000?

The Rockno

Published on Feb 15, 2017

cidereye  (edited)
You can easily tell he’s lying from his body language, I’m just shocked people actually believe this staged EVENT was real.

The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel
1000 Melbourne police could not stop one bloke?

Robbo Max2
Presumably the counselling they are seeking is for stress. It has been scientifically proven that lying and being deceitful increases stress.

PeeKay TRUTH UPDATE 3/6/17[the BIG ISSUE evidence he promised]PeeKay tells All[DOES NOT BREAK ORDER]

YOUTUBE Gray State

Published on Mar 5, 2017

Melbourne Mayor Robert Doyle please show us the CCTV Footage of the car going down Bourke Street.

He was a very nice man to chat to. When he told us…”I can’t talk”…I thought to myself, thank you Sir, you have just told us everything!

YOUTUBE Gray State: The mayor was on his balcony with Telephoto lenses. prior to the car passing his office… those news reporters are media whores. looks like they had the wrong lenses to take a photo of people on the balcony, however 2 cameras each to film 75mm-300mm telephoto. hell it is almost a complete waste of time to even tell anybody in government, that is why i make videos for kids on youtube instead

GW:  In addition George SoreASS has started to try to get race riots going in Melbourne.  Poor Melbourne becoming the new centre for Social Engineering & Cultural Marxism?  Shame as Melbourne is/was a charming city.

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