Conservative Cllr for Stanwix Urban Ward Carlisle – Popped Up Briefly To Show Us Her Nasty Side On Twitter Before Scuttling Back Under Her Stone

fiona-robson-toricon-carlisleThe fragrant Fiona Robson 1111 got caught tweeting about how the disabled really are making up all those stories about having such a hard life etc etc until she was ”called out” by a wheelchair bound lady doctor who got very upset by her tweet.  Suddenly this happened:

GW:  Typical ToriCon.  They hold completely nasty views about the less able in our society but when the light of exposure is shone on them & they find that actually these folk hold the moral high ground, then they scuttle further into the dark where they prefer to lurk.  UK has far too many of them as NLAT keeps reminding us.

Hannah Barnham-Brown is the disabled doctor who called the Rabid Robson out.

What the Fragrant Fiona actually said:

How many people claiming to be unfit to work were fit enough to travel to & physically MARCH around London Yesterday?

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