We’re Being ripped Off Right & Left

It’s not just a case of what else we could spend it on. The fact is the Uk is trillions in debt and the debt’s increasing daily. We need to save every penny.
BTW I had another person telling me their experience of how our EU visitors are ripping us off. She runs a letting agency. Apparently our EU friends regularly state big incomes for the purpose of renting. But, when the references are investigate their actual income is only a fraction. We all know the reason. It’s to avoid tax and claim benefits. Trust me it’s happening on an industrial scale.

this is on YOUR watch May…The tories are responsible for this…you will pay in 2020..idiots

Anti remoaners
I think next month, i’ll feed the neighbour’s kids and let mine starve to death.  This is utter PC treason.  And a leftwing stench of the highest order.

Migration watch UK reported in February that 188,000 East Europeans arrived to work in the UK in the year to December, this does not include the foreign kids for a free education in our schools, elderly for a free stay in UK care homes, pregnant / sick East Europeans for our hospitals, foreign vagrants for our benefit.
The NHS foreign “health tourist” theft now stands at 2 billion.

lizzie english
Check it out carefully, chaps. i really doubt if this headline is accurate. But it’s a good headline to distract from the major farce in the White House. Madman Trump tweeted lies about Obama ordering bugging of Trump Tower. He tweets irresponsible stuff in the middle of the might – no roof, just gibberish, no evidence at all. Most undignified way for a President to behave, makes him look stupid. But more than that it’s dangerous – Trump has also just made it even easier to get a gun; if some Trump nutter goes and kills Obama, don’t be surprised in that mad country!

After 8 years of Obama’s presidency 50% of the population of America live on or below the poverty line.
After 8 years of his presidency 24% of all American children live in poverty.
In his 8 years he allowed a staggering 860,000 foreign Muslims to arrive in the USA. He recently said, “I thought America needed a lesson in diversity and saw no reason why it should be a predominantly white society.”
Your post praises a black Muslim traitor, but not the white patriot, who as here in the UK, is trying to win his country back.

The reason i voted Brexit was because in the last 12 years or so i have watched my country fall apart with no one to seem to want to address our problems properly.It had become like some wounded beast limping along with flimsy little plasters to put over its gaping wounds.We have to start being realistic and not be for ever bogged down with “political correctness”and all the mumbo jumbo that goes with it.Yes the NHS always needs more money but it’s also because the population in the U.K.has grown massively in resent years and mass immigration and health tourism has to be recognised as being a part of the problem.And then on top of all this,to send badly needed cash abroad to the tune of £150 million from the NHS funds is ludicrous.

Sick of all the lies
That’s because there is a HIDDEN agenda started by TED HEATH to get rid of our sovereignty, national identity just the same as is being done in Europe, USA and all western societies. Search FCO30/1048. A file hidden from the public for 30yrs after the vote for the common market (which Ted lied to the UK population the real truth for joining). Also search A.G.E.N.D.a 21 and 30 the elites have a new world idea instore for us. WAKE UP TO THE LIES PEOPLE!

everyone write an email to every MP you can to demand aid money be spent on NHS simples just bombard them and keep sending them until everything else comes to a stand still

So we now discover that not only are we wasting 0.7% of GDP but raiding the NHS budget as well, so the government can grandstand on the international stage.

GW:  Right Mr Hartley perhaps you should have a word with Rich Harrington ToriCon MP Watford about ”Overseas Development”.  He was running an investment fund called Eden Financial and was interestingly enough in the ”Overseas Development” Team.

About time somebody in the UK started a petition
to Parliament stop all foreign aid spending,it would pass the 100,000 mark within days

All those old Etonians, all those Oxbridge firsts and none of them know what the word NATIONAL means. Sad 😉

It is far too easy to spend taxpayers’ wealth with no apparent accountability to those who pay. Is there no sense of morality in the way taxation revenue is being extracted in ever increasingly creative ways to redistribute wealth to those who have neither earned nor deserve the benefits of others labour?

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