Sir Martin Sorrell & Lord Browne discuss ‘The Glass Closet’

Who is Martin Sorrell? What is WPP?

sovereigntea 4 March 2017 at 09:01
WPP – A Many Tentacled Thought Moulding Octopus

Most MSM outlets e.g The Daily Mail depend on advertising.

An age old saying is that “whoever pays the piper calls the tune”

WPP Its not just about advertising !

Decoding Britishness

Our new research on the State of Britishness in Branding explores the crisis in modern British identity post-Brexit and examines consumers’ and marketers’ attitudes to the value of national provenance today.

WPP 406 companies found

We turn strategies and ambitions into creative actions, crafted across every brand touch-point. We go beyond the expected, finding solutions that drive deeper thought and engagement, provoking extraordinary results.

Founded in 1983 and part of the WPP network, we are 80 people in London, New York & Singapore.
Operating Group The Partnership

Last but not least there is the assistance given to the treasonous paedo cover up gang at the BBC


March 3, 2017 WPP Shares Slide as Advertising Giant Posts Slowest Revenue Growth in Years

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