Further to Walking Away From EUSSR Part ii

‘You WILL PAY’ Eurocrat blasts back at Parliament Brexit report and demand £50B 


In the scheme of things, £50 billion isn’t so much – if it were conditional on them accepting the return of our shares in the E.C.B against the loans taken out (it was a fiddle by our government so they could claim we weren’t exposed the euro debt, but it wasn’t true, surprise!), then I would happily pay it. As a shareholder in their central bank, we are currently exposed to over €1 trillion in debt if/when it fails. To pay less than 5% of that is probably a good hedge.

Western Civilisation
Use the £50 Billion on rebuilding our armed forces then tell them to come and get it.

So the EU wants £50 billion out of Britain before we leave. What the PM should tell them, is that she will ask the British public, if they mind paying any amount to leave?
I would like to see where it is written in Law, if we have to pay anything and how the EU comes up with that figure?

Youd better believe it
The Limp dems, Blair and meddlesome want another referendum?
OK! Let’s have another:

Do we pay the EU the £50,000,000,000 they want?
‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Read John Redwoods diary and Brexit4factsyou get the truth from these people never mind the anna souberys tony blairs john majors etc

It costs us in excess of £200 Billion A YEAR when you take into account all the other costs such as the huge trade deficit/benefits/fisheries/fines/VAT and so on……

No absolutely not, we don’t – read Moneyweek Nov 2016 interview with Ingrid Detter de Frankopan, Swedish Lawyer where she says we can just walk away and why are we bothering with Article 50 we are just wasting time

Time to start totting up what assets the EU have I.E. 2 parliament buildings museums oh and the EIB and EIF etc etc etc

Mark me. Like a child with a tantrum thee EU just don’t understand we will not pay when they owe us so much more in EU assets and NATO back payments for covering their back sides. Let Germany first pay all its NATO back payments along with most of the rest of the EU.

I am fortunate enough to spend a few months of the year in Thailand. The only foreign flag I see is the Union Jack. It is everywhere. On shop shelves. Car roof and wing mirrors, household goods, the list is endless. No EU, German, French or any other of the remaining 27 EU states flags. The UK has more clout around the world than all EU members put together. That is why the EU will collapse without us.
Never feel intimidated by a members club with no land, no population, no defence system in fact other than being paid into in vast sums to cover it’s corrupt costs, the EU is nothing – Lest we forget

My say on this, until the EU can prove how our money has been spent and where it has gone we pay nothing after we leave. Lets face it the EU has never passed an audit in its history so can’t see that ever happening so we pay nothing, result. Cannot see why we are having negotiations with them lets invoke article 50, revoke the European communities act the same day and tell them we are leaving and if we need to use WTO tariffs it will be less expensive than handing over more money.to a corrupt establishment.

According to the lords we can walk away without paying a penny as there is no legal requirement for us to pay anything.

The option is there under article 50(2) to negotiate further relationships with the EU, but we may not wish to do that. It may even be extremely unwise to do so. Nor are we obliged to discuss anything. But if we do start engaging under article 50(2) we may live to regret that as it will give the EU the opportunity to drag out such negotiations endlessly. The EU may also introduce new conditions and requirements.

EU member states, academics and the courts have all stated will crystal clarity that it is not possible to keep sovereign states in an organization against their will.

A judgment by the German Constitutional Court confirmed the right to leave the EU whatever the Treaties stipulate : Maastricht Urteil (BVerfGE 89, 155 of 12 October 1993). The court ruled that the states are still “the masters of the treaties” and can always decide to abandon the organization, revoking their acts of accession by a contrary unilateral denunciation.

In other words, Britain can leave the EU just by making a formal declaration that it has left.

Article 50(1) says that a Member State may withdraw without any other conditions “in accordance with its own constitutional arrangements.” Since Britain has no written constitution, Britain is clearly free to act in any way it sees fit and proper. It is important to stress that there is no need for any agreement at all with the EU.

We have the right to leave and the EU has no right to stop our immediate exit and no right to impose any conditions. So the notice under article 50(2) is sheer folly. The so-called “experts” have brainwashed everyone about the need to “trigger” and the need to “negotiate.”

Under international law and under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969, Britain is entitled to leave the EU by mere notice under article 50(1). There is no need to “trigger” further agreements or discussions with the EU. Britain even has the right to leave at once, today if we want, and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it.

Looks like you’ve done your homework. A very commendable post. Can I nominate you for a place on the Brexit negotiations team?

If she is anything like her ex boss, She will pay. If she does then we demand the Government pay it out of their own wages because the people didn’t agree to anything , Only our sell out Governments agreed to dodgy deals . So let them pay it if they want to . Apart from that just oust the Tory party and put UKIP in there , You can bet we would be out by the end of the coming week with out paying them a penny . Thing is the talks are only for Pro EU lovers by the looks which makes things even harder.

Maybe they can deduct from all the millions we own in EU real estate!

Robin Nixon
I don’t think so. No matter what they say. And they can’t make us. In fact we want our fair share of assets back as part of this divorce.

a person
Just try and buy British whenever possible.

Will Theresa send Mr Pittella a pack of razor blades, a decent pair of specs and a book on personal grooming.

Flippety Gibbet
Any party offering to pay a penny to the EU even if it is for “Access to the single market” is going to be crucified by the electorate. As the EU sells more to us than we sell to them THEY should be paying us for access to our market!

GW: ToriCons – As Margaret might have said ”You pay if you want to but …….”

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