EUSSR: Should We Pay The 50 Bill? Part iv

I am a pensioner – not super rich at all. I want to leave because I want our Common Law to guide our lives rather than the Napoleonic version of law. In case I am accused of a crime, I want the right to trial by jury, etc. etc.

Mike Spilligan
Too right …. innocent until proven guilty; habeas corpus …..

our share of what is in Drunker’s EU wine cellar should cover that!

he needs to get new glasses it was the House of Lords finest legal minds that wrote the report not May! oh and btw 50 billion is a mere drop in the ocean considering how much British money is in the ECB and other Financial institutions that will need to be reimbursed etc and how much the British contributions have paid for EU assets, which are owned by all contributing members!

GW:  That’s about it for today folks.  Lesson’s finished and the bell’s about to go.  Don’t forget to put your chairs up and please put all unwanted items in the bin as you go out.  Remember to consider our hard working cleaning staff.  After all they do such an excellent job as I am sure you all agree.  Well done everyone.  Top marks for all the valuable contributions from the brains of the class and of course not forgetting those wise guys sitting up the back – thank you for keeping us entertained while we all waded through what turned out to be some pretty dry stuff..

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