EUSSR: Should We Pay The 50 Bill? Part iii

‘You WILL PAY’ Eurocrat blasts back at Parliament Brexit report and demand £50B

This is easy. If we owe it, we’ll pay it. If we don’t we won’t. My guess is that there will most likely be little or nothing to pay as we are only one of two net contributors to the eu consortium, as opposed to France for example, which has always taken out more than it has paid. Our defence budget is already 2% of gdp unlike nearly all the other eu countries so it could be argued that we have been footing the bill for european defence far more than they have since the beginning of the whole sad eu farce. Also there will be all the glossy luxury buildings and infrastructure scattered uselessly about europe that we have helped pay for but will get no further use out of when we’ve left. They’ll have to factor all those losses in. They’ll end up owing us.
P.S. I notice the Guyanian immigrant has been mouthing off again. She’s so pushing her luck. I can’t see her being able to remain (excuse the pun) in our country. After all, she only bonked her way to a passport anyway didn’t she?

It’s probably the cost of the last bung to Bliar to sell Britain out!

Yep ! Should revoke her passport and boot her out ! Problem solved !

true brit in france
“Glossy buildings” are not restricted to Europe. They’ve been building EU embassies all over the world. What the h*** for? There are British embassies , French embassies, etc etc etc and alongside there are EU embassies in the same places. It’s just plain madness. But they will owe us our share of their value.

true brit in france
If the remaining 27 countries in the EU have signed up for expensive projects then, after our withdrawal from the EU, it will just take them longer to finish paying for those projects and the EU will have to put off any more until the 27 can afford to fund them.

I think, as with all important matters of State, we must wait and see what GM and her legal team decide for the UK.

This will save a lot of time, the cost of negotiating for two years would be quite high for both sides – at the pay scale for the people involved. Much better to spend it negotiating deals outside for when we finally get free. They can’t ‘stop’ trade, that would break international laws, so WTO it is. A large proportion of our imports are food, the prices for which are kept high by CAP. There are many countries that would love to supply food to the bloc, but high tariffs make it prohibitive. We don’t have to have those tariffs when we leave., which would reduce prices – and probably increase quality. The government can also spend the time working on how to best compensate exporting businesses for the tariffs to be paid, so they don’t suffer too much. We should have a nett saving of around £18 billion per year & tariffs due would be a max £5.5 billion (although there has been a general reduction in tariffs since the figures were calculated), so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Aerospace is zero rated for tariffs under WTO, so that is not an issue.

The truth of the matter is the eu knows it cant survive without our cash.
There is absolutely no obligation to pay a penny after our exit- if there were, this would have been rammed down our throats during the failed project fear.
£50 Billion is however a snip compared with what membership actially costs us per year….
£85 BILLION a year deficit for starters….

How about we agree to pay France and Belgium and Italy and Germany and the Netherlands and the rest of the curs the 50 Billion AFTER they’ve paid us at least 10 Trillion + interest in recompense for saving their scrawny cowardly necks in WWII?

Interesting thought MD. I watched a documentary on PBS last week about disappearing gold and in one part of the programme it mentioned the transfer of gold in WW2. When France was about to be invaded (and I guess they knew they would be giving up pdq!!!) the Bank of France sent all its gold reserves to the Canadian bank in Ottawa for safe keeping. Once France fell, we did the same and all our gold reserves were shipped to Canada. All our gold was ultimately used up paying the USA for food, war materials, etc as the conflict went on – we then had to borrow from the US. Churchill had approached De Gaulle who was the self appointed ‘head’ of the French government in exile and he absolutely refused to release any gold – his excuse was that France would need the gold after the war!!!!! So there you have it – we paid everything.

true brit in france
Yep. France has over 2400 tonnes of gold in their reserves. We have just over 300 tonnes. Germany has over 5000 tonnes!!!!!

Rupert Pump-Handle
From teeth probably

true brit in france
80% of EU’s are a drain on the economy. They should be repatriated if they are a drain on the economy. that’s everyone receiving benefits more than their taxes, those claiming child benefit for children in other countries (if they exist at all!).
Start repatriating them immediately – it is NOT against EU rules. freedom of movement is only for workers who make a net contribution to the economy. That’s not the case with the ones on housing benefit for a start!

They owe us over £400 Billion in false membership fees and ‘fines’! How about our Government standing up properly? All immaterial if QMV is allowed to control Britain on 31st March anyway, as our Brexit will be dead in the water. Why do tou think there have been so many delays? All smoke and Mirrors. QMV is the one true danger, allowed under the Lisbon Treaty and signed by our ‘Monarch’ and Gordon unelected-PM Brown!

Qualified majority voting (QMV)

FACT: If the UK doesn’t have a signed deal by April 2017, Brexit is in grave danger


Pay for the Beer ?

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