The Lords are ”a-sleeping” instead of a-leaping Part iii

Someone put this comment on before, and I thought it was spot on !

‘What people who voted REMAIN don’t understand is, if a democratic Referendum is IGNORED it sets a dangerous precedent! … Next time you may vote and win and something YOU want to happen may be ignored because The Lords DON’T LIKE IT! Don’t you see how dangerous it would be to ignore the vote ? … This country will see riots like you have never seen before I am telling you !

… and BY THE WAY – No Government has ever been elected with anymore than a QUARTER of the Population, so by REMAINERS reckoning every single PAST VOTE that has taken place in this country should have been IGNORED, because not enough people voted for it ? You know in the last election only 11 Million voted for the Tories don’t you ? and only 8 Million Voted for Labour — 17.4 Million voted for Brexit ! Are REMAINERS completely stupid or what ? !’

Follow their MONEY
Well done to both f you for this comment, but, the non-stop moaning/losers don’t do actual true numbers, they like it better when they say things like”only a small percentage of the population voted to leave”, theirs are fiddled/doctored numbers, your figures tell the truth.

Freddie Heywood
We need checks and balances, but no more than 200 required and elected bi annually to keep the Blighters in line! We certainly do not need the silly wigs and gowns.

GW:  Yep – make less folk work harder and longer for less money like everyone else in the country is told to do!

Gina Miller, co-founder of investment fund SCM Private, poses for a photograph near the Houses of Parliament in central London on October 12, 2016, following an interview with AFP. The businesswoman leading a high-powered legal challenge against Prime Minister Theresa May's right to trigger Brexit negotiations told AFP she has received death threats and accusations of treason. Miller, wants parliament to legislate on the terms of Brexit before May can trigger Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty -- starting the formal procedure for leaving the European Union. / AFP / BEN STANSALL / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY DARIO THUBURN (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Gina Miller, co-founder of investment fund SCM Private

The Saint

Anti remoaners
The stink of corruption and dead brain matter, equates to corpses in gowns.

Anti remoaners
All waiting for god, and that other place far hotter for criminals.

There are eight Lib Dem MPs in the House of Commons. A clear indication that the general public, the electorate, no longer agree with their political views.

There are 109 Lib Dems in the House of Lords. How did that work out? They know their views are at odds with the population in general yet they wish to dictate to us and force us to comply with their unelectable ideologies.

GW: And two in the Lords from Fiberal Lemmingprat land Watford Sal Brinton & Dorothy Thornhill – neither was ever elected as MP!

Celtic British
This government is closing hospitals around the country (Holsworthy has just closed in Mid Devon) , and these boozy fatcats are feeding off the public purse. Giving no concern’s to the true citizens of the UK.

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