The Lords are ”a-sleeping” instead of a-leaping Part i

May responds to demands to CULL House of Lords amid Brexit fallout as UK citizens REVOLT
”More than 92,000 people have so far called for the Lords to be replaced with an elected membership system as costs hit £100million every year and fall out continues from the Brexit vote.

In a petition to Parliament, tens of thousands of the British public have demanded that the organisation should be completely reworked, claiming it is the second largest unelected political organisation in the world.

The largest political group is the communist China’s National People’s Congress with 2,987 members.”

The Lords’ intervention in the debate over Brexit and their deliberate stalling over the triggering of Article 50 has infuriated members of the public.

Threats to the Global Trading System

Peter Mandelson has been blasted by the public

The petition reads: “The House of Lords is being abused by our elected officials by filling it with cronies.

“It costs our taxpayers around £100million a year (probably much more). The House of Lords is the largest parliamentary chamber in any democracy.

Now the Cabinet Office has taken its first step to address the growing calls for an immediate cull as the number of unelected Lords hits a record 760 members.

If May had not dithered and declared immediately after the referendum she would not be in this mess, reliant on a bunch of geriatrics

theres 100s of them. do we really need that many? i think not. if they hadn’t decided to interfere with the democratic will of the british public they might have slipped under the radar, instead the spotlight is fully on them. time to abolish or at least thin them out significantly. the taxpayer cannot afford their £300 a day plus perks.

The net worth of the 760 members of the House of Lords must be a staggering figure yet the British taxpayer pays £300 a day to each member who turns up. There is definitely something wrong somewhere.

All this cr@p is down to a Guyanese woman who for some reason the establishment is scared of, we cannot even mention her name for gods sake,take her f–king passport off her & f==k her off!

The peasants have revolted before, they will revolt again. Crush it.

The Lords think the peasants have always been revolting, that’s their problem.

There’s a petition for abolishing the TV Licence.
[If click on the list of petitions, the one regarding the House of Lords is on there too.]

German MEP says the EU should not pay the UK EU pensions

Follow their MONEY
Ms Mays lot could sort the House of Frauds out easily and retain a real dedicated House, tell the greedy sods only travelling expense will be paid, they can pay for their own cheap food and booze in the subsidised bars and restaurants, the first ones in a long queue to give up their ‘Father Christmas ‘ panto gear would be the Kinnocks, followed by most of the Bar-on-messers like the anti-white ones Lawrence and Scotland.

GW: And the new Fiberal Lemmingprat Baroness Thornhill while you’re at it!

Mrs May is telling you she just wants to cull these numbers.we dont want any peers empty that house. Can’t believe she is letting the BBC put the licence fee up. these thieving B@rds see this green light, Mrs May i question your morals i really do, what with the billions given away in foreign Aid the BBC ripping us off you give them permission to do it like turning a blind eye, and the house of so-called lords, we only have one Lord Adoni hundred million is a stench to God when the poor get no help they are below poverty in this country. David Cameron should not be given the job in Foreign Aid like the fox in the hen-house. People don’t trust the Conservatives any more, a law unto themselves .  Really CaMORON @ Foreign Aid?????

Cameron’s new job: Defending his legacy on foreign aid! (And, guess what, he announces it in the Left-wing Guardian)

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