House of Lords are ”a-sleeping” instead of a-leaping Part ii

The lords like the old way of politics is nearing the end. Mandleson, Blair, major etc surfacing recently are clearly out of touch and out of date. The public are fundamentally ready for ridding themselves of the old methods and characters within politics. When you saw Blair making his comments, using his old tactics, the realisation of how badly we need change was obvious. The brexit vote was a cry for change and it was the first real opportunity the public was given for decades. The problem for the old boys is they can’t see it and can’t see we don’t want them any more. It is happening all over Europe and the USA voted trump in. It’s a desperate situation and the main stream politicians are failing to deal with the publics concerns so the public are using democracy to vote for something different. The risk is well worth it to rid our country in particular of a steady erosion of our way of life through PC and the inability to protect britain’s identity. It’s not racist to love your country and be concerned about people wanting to change it beyond recognition. The name calling to gag the public isn’t working

GW:  She means the relatively new ”Cultural Marxism” used by tptwtb to deny the host society a say in resisting the changes foisted upon it.

Not that long ago I never thought I would want to get rid of the Lords, because as I saw it we had the best democracy in the world and I believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The system had served us well over many years and you could hope that hereditary peers would have grown up feeling a weight of responsibility and have a sense of family honour when they took their place in the Lords. Leave it alone I thought, don’t cut off our noses to spite our faces just because of a class thing.

Now though, it’s all gone to pot thanks to Blair and Cameron flooding the place with their cronies who seem more concerned with what they can get out of it than what they can do for their country. Most of them only turn up to collect their fees and if their future at the trough is threatened. Think I’m off to sign the petition.

GW:  Agree Mrs Poldark it was a good system of checks and balances before it was stuffed with Bliar & Cameron cronies.  One would almost think this was done on purpose to swing the General Sheeplic on to the idea of changing HofL to an elected chamber – as per the real agenda.

Surely if the Lords had the status of being elected they would be more of a problem the present time. What needs to be done is to remove their right to delay legislation for a year. Once this has gone we can benefit from their undoubted wisdom without them being used to frustrate elected governments.

Follow their MONEY
That’s the way to go, how can the likes of ‘Meddlesome’ Mandy, the Kinnock pair, Heseltine and a load more swear an allegiance to Queen country but also have a cash allegiance to the German-controlled EU+eu army.

The 1689 Bill of Rights contains the following oath: `I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have jurisdiction,power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority within this Realm.’ Since thisBill has not been repealed it is clear that every treaty Britain has signed with the EU has been illegal.

How come we can comment on these old fart but we can’t comment on Khan

Follow their MONEY
Mazzerboo, The follow-on from the well-used but now worn out ‘Racist card’ job is now threatening to sue, and the likes of losers and foreigners have loads of tax payers’ cash given to them because they belong to phoney charity groups and dubious anti everything organizations and at this time outside cash is being used as well, they are now throwing them about like confetti and they only need to win one case for things like forums and blogs to be blocked or become heavily censored.

Petition moving at warp speed. Just hit 94K

Yes and when Blair reduced hereditary peers, and stuffed it full of cronies, that’s when it became a matter of party politics, rather than conscience.

While the Lords and Ladies are a sleeping(not so many Lords a leaping, it seems), couldn’t they conduct some useful medical experiments on them(i.e. Get some value for money). I hear that a common sleeping complaint is, I think, called, ‘Necrophilia’ !

It may yield some valuable results !

Ha ha ha ha! You may probably be more right than you imagine with the name of their complaint

What remainers also do not understand is that the 48% comprise a significant amount of Scots and Irish Nats who owe NO allegiance to the UK and want to leave the UK, added to this are the Londoners who haven’t suffered anywhere near what the rest of the country has… Take away this amount from the 48% and what percentage is left.. The remain vote was actually much less from people who are proud to be British

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