‘This is why we voted LEAVE!’ Furious radio host slams EU’s ‘private army’ to protect MEPs


Better build a hospital nearby that specializes in repairing feet that have been shot.  President Hollande should be asked to open it.

Better not recruit any of President Hollande’s presidential bodyguards. So useless one managed to shoot himself in the foot and wound two waiters at the same time.

Wakey Wakey world Coudenhove Kalergi plan comes into full swing ! I thought everyone knew this was coming !! Why do you all think only white people can be prosecuted for racism !

Spending money on a private army to protect MEPs, I should cocoa, they can’t even meet NATO budgets.

Going by reports coming out from poor old Sweden, the refugees/immigrants have more grenades at their disposal than the Swedish army…. goodbye Sweden.

Youd better believe it
In 75 years and more, nothing changes.  Europe had such an organisation, it was known as Schutzstaffel, the SS.

Is it not strange that the current unelected leaders of the EU should demand a protection arm to defend themselves from those they say they serve?

It should be noted however, that at least Adolf Hitler was once voted to lead Germany.  Junker (whose father was VOLENTEER in the Waffen SS) has never been elected by the people of the EU.

Terry Drew
All of this is getting out of control, more pressure must be asserted on MP’s … Everyone must stand together and see what this evil will become. This is a far cry from just trading goods. I’m beginning to think our own MP’s have lost the plot

The only plot most of them have, is a plot to do as little as possible, for as much as they can.
I lost all faith in politics years ago, and gave up totally when Cameron was elected. Just think of the dastardly ones we have suffered from over the years. Heath, Major, Clegg, Ashdown, Blair, Prescott, Cameron, Osborne, and others, all basic disasters. The problem is that they have a huge following both from the electorate and, those that take their places.
This is. Completely different country from even fifty years ago, and different not in any positive sense, the undercurrent from the left is undermining far too many aspects of our life, but those in parliament with differing views remain silent, because they are too well off to bother.

Open doors and they want their own army to protect them……..let them eat cake.

This is just hysterically funny – and rather ominous as well.
So we have these little european chappies who are so worried that the ordinary people will cause them harm –
that they are taking money from the people they think they need protecting from –
Alice in Wonderland or what !!!!
Wonder why on earth these pompous little european chappies think they need protecting – have they really upset the european people so much….!!!
Considering their high salaries, low taxes, perks, privileges, free schooling for kiddies, one would think they
against the ordinary people, their own citizens ……… it’s just obscene.

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