Max Speirs Lost His life To Get This Out. Montauk, UFO, Military Abductions, Ancient GOD’s

New World Talk
Published on Feb 5, 2017

Recommended Reading: ”The Holographic Universe” –

Greg Walworth
Anyone who’s done some research on Nikola Tesla should understand that almost everything Max Speirs speaks of is an actual possibility. Max seems to know a great deal about how frequencies effect everything around us. Tesla once said that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Greg Walworth (edited)
Christ himself continuously meditated on God… Meditation if done properly will allow you to clear out the fears that the mind has accumulated over your time here on Earth. Anger, hate, despair etc. are all byproducts of fear, the lowest and most erratic of all known vibrations. As the heart connects with the creator the body adepts the frequency of unconditional love, allowing you to remember who and what you truly are.

Yes, I have encountered these lower life forms we call demons. And yes, I was frightened at first; but only until I began to realize it was my fears that attracted them in the first place. These things were around me long before I began meditating. Whether anyone wishes to believe it or not these negative entities are around us 24/7. Just because we cannot see them doesn’t mean that they are not there. The only difference between someone who has learned to properly meditate and someone who has not; the one who meditates is now becoming aware of their spiritual presence in this reality (Self Contemplation, Deep Thought, Prayer are also a forms of meditation). The more you focus on God (Our Creator) the higher your vibrations become. Lower life forms cannot enter your energy field while your frequency is in such a heightened state. I have watched this time and time again; the frequencies offset and will always repel each other.

Kelly Carver, the one we now call Jesus Christ, I would follow him into hell and back! He is the only one who has ever helped me in my darkest hours.

Talanda Mc Clure
Well, say what you will, but I believe this dude. These Vile and Evil people are operating ALL Around US. These people are in “HOLLYWEIRD” and sit in night places

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