Decoding ”Google Doodles” With Mr Cati

The Ninth Circle Ritual Re-Set and the World Cup 2014 Google Doodles #32 & #33


Published on Jun 26, 2014
This video ritually discusses the two recent Google Doodles, generated on 06-25-14, labeled as World Cup 2014 #32 & #33 Doodle images.

Explanatory efforts are made to discusses in detail, the hidden code, contained in both Doodle images. These two images contain separate elements of code, but must be seen together and collectively to be better understood.

Once again, the 68 day code has been found and when applied to the 10-23-14 Solar Eclipse, the date 68 days in reverse of the solar eclipse, will be the ritual start date of 08-17-14, that I believe involves Yellowstone caldera and some major false flag event.

Lastly, for the ”Ninth Circle Cult” to re-set their special ritual sacrifice from 08-15-14 to 08-23-14, places the ritual event only days after a possible Yellowstone eruption or event on 08-17-14.

In such a way, the possible future Yellowstone 911 event, provides a perfect cover, for the Ninth Circle Ritual, and will provide additional security for those high govt officials, to secretly participate in the newly re-set Ninth Circle Ritual Sacrifice date of 08-23-14. Location is not known and therefore not discussed. however: Logan’s Temple is a suspect site for children sacrificial blood rituals.

This special Ninth Circle Ritual event, is needed to take place, so as to prepare the area ritually, for the Solar Eclipse of 10-23-14, when the shadow of the solar eclipse, goes directly over the ritual site where the ritual sacrifice or false flag has already taken place.

Google Doodle Central:

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