Bravo Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School

by Mike Raddie on March 2, 2017


Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School

Tonight the excellent Vanessa Beeley gave another important and crucial talk on Syria – ‘Aleppo: Fall or Liberation?’. The implicit question in the title alluded to the gulf between the western corporate media’s interpretation and reporting of events in East Aleppo during December 2016, and the reality on the ground as seen by Vanessa and other independent witnesses, including the Reverend Andrew Ashdown, who were there to see first hand the liberation of the thousands of civilians held captive for over four years.

During the talk an organised anti-Syrian group of perhaps a dozen people did all they could to disrupt the proceedings.

The group began their attempts to bring the meeting to an abrupt end: two young women seated in the audience threw stink bombs to the ground and proudly announced that ‘this meeting is over’. Once the confusion ended the two were shown the door, but as the odour began to permeate the room it became obvious that this audience had the stomach and integrity to hear the truth despite the stench.

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