What does a knighthood cost these days? Philip Green accused of finally paying BHS pensioners £363m to save his title


Phil Green & D Cameron – Get a Room! “How have you been Phil?”  ”I’m still getting away with murder Dave.”

”Shamed tycoon Sir Philip Green is finally coughing up £363million to settle the BHS pension scandal in a desperate bid to cling on to his cherished knighthood.

The billionaire arrogantly claimed the deal, nearly a year after the department store collapsed, would put worried pensioners’ “minds at rest and close this sorry chapter”.

But critics branded the settlement a long overdue attempt to try to hold on to his gong.

Iain Wright MP, chair of the Business Select Committee, told the Mirror: “The two things are completely separate.

“This is welcome but it doesn’t wipe the stains from his reputation clean. It’s like rewarding an arsonist who put his own fire out.”

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell warned the former high street king was now “on probation. He said: “This is a down payment. We will see how he behaves from here on.”

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell outside Parliament following Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's Budget.

John McDonnell has warned the billionaire that he is “on probation”


I’m just glad I was never an employee of his. Obviously still thinks he’s worthy of a title but everyone knows that he will never be. People who deserve knighthoods are people that relate to the public and excel to help the world and are very successful in their careers, not ones that refuse to payout to save his own skin. Everyone knows him for what he is so his title is only precious to him, totally not believable, relevant and meaningful to any one else.

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